August 7, 2019

7 Tips For Those Who Love A Vintage Feel

If you’ve been rewatching a few classic films recently, you’ve probably fallen head over heels in love with some of the fantastic decor ideas. Take a look at some of the James Bond movies with Sean Connery and Roger Moore to get your dose of sophisticated 60s, 70s and even 80s interior style. For something a little more kitschy and quirky, make sure to head to the other infamous spy, Austin Powers where fun and psychedelic decor are a never-ending source of inspiration! 

If you prefer something more classic, the old Hitchocks always gave a lot of attention to minimalist decor pieces to create the atmosphere in the room. But you’ll need to tune in to Agatha Christie’s most famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot, to get a feel of the Glorious 1930s. Indeed, the Brtish TV series with David Suchet is the most celebrated representation of the Belgian detective and is also the most faithful to the period decors. You’ll love the clean lines of the Art Deco against the romantic Art Nouveau display. It’s impossible not to fall in love with a vintage decor. However, when you can’t afford to live in a 1930s manor house with a butler, you need to create your vintage interior without breaking the bank. Here’s how to do it: 

Homeowners: Check what you home is truly made of

If you’re a homeowner, you need to be ready to investigate. Indeed, did you know that many first-time homebuyers may not even realize they live surrounded by vintage architecture? Take a look under your carpet. Go on, have a peak. You just need to go to a corner and carefully grab the carpet with pliers. You should be able to pull up enough to get a glimpse of what’s underneath. You might find hardwood floor – it’s pretty standard in houses from the 1950s and before. With a little DIY magic, you could refinish your flooring. You can remove your carpet alone, and after a lot of sanding, you can stain the wood for protection. DO make sure, however, to get in touch with your local skip bin hire before you start your improvement project. Indeed, removing the carpet is going to be messy! You want to have all the removal equipment ready to avoid any mess at home!

Wait, what’s in the attic?

Old properties are full of surprises. But you may get caught up in the process of decorating before you start exploring what’s in the attic or the basement. Don’t skip the exploration phase; you might discover some unexpected pieces. While you are unlikely to find an 18th-century French commode in your attic, you may come across old wooden furniture that you have never seen before. Knowing how to identify antique pieces can help you to give your decor a fantastic boost. An antique is a piece of furniture that dates back from a previous generation. Fine dealers consider that antique furniture has to be 150 old or over, but mainstream antique dealers focus in anything that is 50-years-old. Depending on your skills and equipment^^ent, you can also choose to attempt small renovation works by yourself. However, leave the big jobs to specialists!

Can you renovate some of your pieces?

It doesn’t have to be an antique piece to create a vintage feel. However, you can choose a few central pieces from reclaimed wood furniture and material. Wooden doors, especially, are a popular item in reclaimed wood and salvage centers. Take close attention to the type of paint used on the door. Indeed, if the door has been painted before 1960, the coat could contain lead — in which case you should refer the door to a specialist. Otherwise, be patient, and you can strip your door back to normal. Wouldn’t you love a gorgeous Victorian or Edwardian door at home?

Fake it if you can’t make it

The best and easiest way to showcase a piece of furniture while making it look older than it actually is is to distress the paint. If you’ve never painted your furniture before, you’d be pleased to know that with chalk paint, it is a pretty easy and straightforward process. Indeed, chalk paint covers everything – you don’t need to pre-coat the surface – and dries quickly. You might want to use coats of different colors, so that when you distress the surface with sandpaper, you can see the second coat pierce through.
Distressed paint

Create a vintage accent wall

What’s a vintage wall? If you’ve seen pictures of home interiors from the 1960s and 1970s, you’ve got a pretty clear idea of what wallpapers would have looked then. You can still find original wallpaper from previous decades – Etsy is a good address for this. Similarly, you can also find excellent reproduction too if you’re worried about using the original thing. Unless your decor can take it, it’s best to stick to one accent wall and use paint on the other walls. It’ll make sure your wallpaper stands out magnificently!

Invest in a few key pieces to set the mood

You don’t need to buy the real thing to design a vintage look and feel at home. Simple touches such as switching your usual plastic soap and gel container for a chic glass dispenser can completely transform the vibe in the bathroom. And why not add an elegant little pouf in the living room to break the typical lounge decor? A pouf brings a little 1950s femininity to your interior!

Add a touch of fun to your lounging outfit

Do you remember when you were a kid and dressed up like a princess? It made you feel like Cinderella for a day. You might have grown out of your Cinderella obsession, but the principle still applies. Dressing for the part makes you feel like the real thing. Of course, there’s no need to invest in a vintage outfit for your everyday wear. But you can pick a few elegant homeware items, such as a pair of slippers. Feathery mules are back in trend, so you might find a sweet little pair to feel like a classy diva at home!

Nothing beats the magical feel of a vintage home decor. But thankfully, you don’t have to buy a manor to feel like you’re living in one. A few DIY tips and attention to the right places and tada, you’ve got yourself the perfect and timeless feel and touch!


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