August 28, 2019

Getting By: Coping In The World Of Property Rentals

When we are looking to make a stamp on our home, arguably, the one thing that really gets in the way of us doing this is if we have to sign on the dotted line of a temporary contract. And renting a property is, for the vast majority of us, a stark reality. And this means that we might not get to think about how the home decor can really represent our personality, or what we can do to make the place our own. But there are things that we can do, despite the fact that we are renting somewhere. There's that feeling that even though you live in a rental property, even for an extended period of time, then it's not possible to make it your own. Let's show you how you can do this, as well as a few practical points of coping with a rental property.

The Pressure Is Off

Arguably one of the greatest assets of rental properties is that you don't need to look after it as you would your own home. Naturally you have responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance, but if there are major problems, it's down to your landlord or letting agency to sort this out for you. If there are problems such as bugs or termites, it's their responsibility to contact pest control. Not having that pressure to maintain a home in this sense is like a weight lifted off your shoulders. Owning your own home means that you can make an abundance of changes, but if something were to go drastically wrong, you would have to foot the bill. Let's not forget; the word mortgage is literally translated from the french as “death pledge.” So if you feel the urge to complain about not owning your own property, there are times when you are better off in this respect. But, we still need to figure out how to make a property our own, even though it's not ours. How do we do this?

Making A Place Your Own

It's still possible to make a place your own even though it's not yours on paper. These days, there are so many different laws that prohibit you from doing certain things, or at the very least, you have got to ask permission of the landlord to make specific changes. Depending on the landlord, they may let you make changes without issue. As such, if you want to make a few little changes so the place feels like your own, you can make a couple of alterations like adding a few different items to your kitchen. You can makeover a kitchen in a very short space of time, and changing out the faucets for a new shinier one can make the place that sense of reinvigoration. As well as this, you could install removable wallpaper. You could also start replacing the window coverings and hanging curtains, or Venetian blinds to make it a little bit more you. And remember, a perfect way to change the feel of a place, even if you can't paint the walls, is to add a few pictures.

Do You Need To Own Your Own Place?

It feels that we need to own our own property, but there are so many stories out there of people who have bankrupted themselves because that's what they thought they needed. Yes, there is a sense of incompleteness if you don't have your own place, but the reality is that most of us can't get our own place. If you want to, and your objectives in life have changed, you've got to go somewhere you can afford. A lot of people like to stay where they are, especially in city areas, because they are close to essential amenities. But people are now taking the opportunity to move further out into rural areas so they can get more for their money. But you've got to think if you really need to own your own place. A lot of people rent and even share houses with people now, and yes, as frustrating as this can be, you've got to think about what you want in the grand scheme of things. If you want a family, you might want to purchase your own place, but if you don't have the money, you can still rent. Many people have rented for years and will have to until their dying day.

Making The Most Of A Rental Property (Even If You Want To Buy Somewhere)

There's ways for you to dress up your rental property and make the most of it, although you may want to purchase your own. The fact of the matter is that you need to save money in order to put a deposit down. But because we are renting, we feel that all of our earnings go directly into this. As a result, we tend to blame our rental property for bleeding ourselves dry. But the fact of the matter is if you want to save up for a property, you'll have to find either a property that gives you the opportunity to save money or you have to alter your lifestyle. Altering the property can be frustrating if you find that there are numerous problems. One of the big ways of improving your living circumstances is to find somewhere that straddles the balance. A lot of people move into shared accommodation because they want to save a lot of money. But in doing this, you are living with people you might not get along with. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to find the right sort of people. It's a widespread way of getting by now, finding other professionals, and having a house share. But, if you can find somewhere that is just for you and one other person that gives you the opportunity to save a lot of money, then it is a win-win situation! 

The Reality Of Renting

It is a reality that most of us have to make do with a rental property. As such, we may not feel that we can make a place our own. But it's about that delicate balance. While you might not be able to make drastic alterations, if you are to find somewhere that is your own, that you can rent for a long time, then it's no bad thing. So many of us have good relationships with our landlords so that we can make specific alterations to the property. We don't necessarily have the opportunity to renovate a property or add extensions, but when you look at the pros and cons of renting, the balance is very much in favor of the advantages. Renting takes off a lot of that financial pressure. When you look at purchasing a home, there are plenty of hidden costs that you need to factor in. But a lot of us can feel like we see the wood for the trees. Purchasing a property feels like you have ownership of your own life, but mortgages can be crippling comet especially if you want a property of a certain standard, and you feel you need to make it work. Of course, you can always sell up, but if you had a suitable living situation, a rental property can be a perfect way to ride out your late 20s. And if you have an ideal rental property that is big enough, who's to say you cannot live the rest of your life there? Sure there will be a time that you need to move, and so you can think about saving up for a property, but in the meantime, there are still ways for you to cope in the world of renting a property. It isn't as bad as it appears.

Getting By...

It all depends on what you want. Some of us feel that we need to own your own place, because it gives us a foot on the ladder as it's an investment. But these days, with millennials, and the quality of life is more important than the actual material goods is in your favor. Renting a property means that you don't own it, but because of the exorbitant expenses in life you might find renting a property is the best financial option for you right now. And you can still make a property your own because you have no choice to do so. It's not like you can't put a nail in a wall, or paint a little. Because so many of us have that opportunity to alter a property as we see fit. And also, there are plenty of options for those that want to buy a property further down the line, but rent the property in question before buying it. If you have a good relationship with your landlord, and you are in a position to buy, then you can make an offer. The benefit of this approach is that you've already got the property, you've moved in, and you already know what you want to change to it. But for most of us, we have to get by renting your property. In which case, getting by isn't as bad as it sounds.