Well, this one is special you guys, we're pregnant, very pregnant, and by VERY I mean I'm already in my third trimester (and I'm still processing the fact that there's a baby inside me). 

I've been meaning to share with you things that are hands down a MUST-HAVE during pregnancy, at least in mine. These are things that have been lifesaving and that have helped me so much to navigate through these inevitable changes we experience. 

Whether you just found out that you are expecting or if you've been for a while this selection will work just fine for all of us. 

I bought this BodySuit a long time ago and thank the heavens I did, it was the only piece I had in my closet that I could wear from the beginning of my pregnancy until this day. I got a size Small and it's still looking great, is very stretchy and comfy. 

This Stanley Quencher is also something I've had for over a year now, I know you've seen this EVERYWHERE, and has become a trend for a reason, they are amazing, they hold a lot of liquid, and stay cold all day.  My water consumption has always been great but as soon as I got pregnant the intake increased significantly, I can't leave my house without my quencher and it's always on my nightstand as well, definitely a must-have (plus they have a whole bunch of cute colors).

These Nursing Bras are just heaven-sent, I haven't been able to wear ANY of my ''Before Pregnancy'' bras, they are not only substantially small on me now but awfully uncomfortable, before purchasing these I simply decided to go out without any bras, or some nipple pads. These are very comfortable, so soft and it doesn't feel like you have anything on. You can also keep wearing them post-partum since they are indeed Nursing bras, they would make the whole pumping/breast-feeding process more comfortable.  I got a size Large

Dear Mama's to be, YOU NEED THIS.  My Husband got me this Pregnancy Pillow for Christmas and since then, it has been a huge help in the sleeping department. I've been struggling a lot with sleeping positions especially because I'm entering my third trimester so things are starting to get trickier. This helps a lot to keep a ''side position'' and still feel comfortable, you feel some support in your back so your belly will thank you. 

I've decided to not get a whole new maternity closet because I simply thought it was not necessary, I just opted to find versatile pieces that I could wear comfortably while pregnant and still rock afterward.  This Ribbed Bodysuit is not only stunning but it hugs you in all the right places and the bump looks very flattering, it's not see-through, the fabric is thick enough and it's pretty stretchy, I got a size Small and it fits beautifully, it's not tight at all. 

This Walking Pad is definitely an investment and ''treat'' for you. If you've been like me, that thought that you would spend the entire pregnancy working out just like before and killing those calories and moving that body, but then reality hit you and it just happens to be that your energy levels are not existent and that all you want to do is chill and lay in bed, then this is a GREAT acquisition and motivation.  This Foldable Walking Pad is amazing for small spaces, you can store it under your bed, your couch, or if you want to keep it as it is, then better. It helps you move your body at home without the hassle of getting ready and driving to the gym and all that jazz, PLUS it will probably be your BFF as soon as you can start working out after you give birth, especially because we won't want to leave our newborns with anyone else. 

This Morning Sickness Relief is great especially if you're in your first trimester, they helped a lot at first, and the flavor is very pleasant. I wouldn't recommend them if you're struggling with severe morning sickness or to avoid throwing up. As I mentioned this would be great at first, but as soon as I started experiencing real morning sickness they stopped having any effects on me.  If you are experiencing mild to moderate nausea these are great. 

This Body Oil by Bio-Oil is amazing, I've been using it as soon I found out I was pregnant, I've emptied 2 bottles already and going hard on my third. I personally don't have any stretchmarks, it can be genetics, it can be the help of the oil, and of course the amount of hydration I've been having. But this oil is very soothing if you're experiencing the annoying itching on your belly, it's very hydrating and it also has a nice ''spa-like'' scent.  If you want it fragrance-free, they also have that option available. 

This Maternity Turtle Neck Bodysuit is a MUST. Turtle neck bodysuits have always been a staple in my closet/style but there was no way I could endure being in one of the pieces I already owned. This maternity option is amazing, feels like butter, looks great and it can also be a good option for those iconic Pregnancy Shoots you see on Pinterest.  I got a size Small.

This Maternity Turtle Neck Bodysuit is just like the black one but you know, in white.
 (We love some options, don't we?). 

This Pregnancy Leggings are essential, it's the basic comfortable piece you need. They hold the belly very well, they're pretty stretchy and you could perfectly work out with them as well, and if you feel like going for a walk, it has some convenient side pockets for you to use. I got a size Small.

Do not let the picture fool you. This Sleeveless Black Bodysuit is stunning, it fits amazingly well and it's very comfy, the material is pretty thick so you won't experience any type of transparency, the breast area is padded so ''YAS to no bras''.  I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant and it looks great on me, it's a very versatile piece that you can wear up or down. I got a size Medium thinking the Small would be too tight, even though the Medium looks good, there's a bit of extra fabric, and the Small would have been perfect.