Spending all these days at home has been quite an experience to be honest, I'm sure it's been the same way for you guys as well.  Something that I've been enjoying a whole lot lately is avocado toasts and my beloved teas all day every day. If you follow me on Instagram you already know that because it's all over my stories.

Today I share with you guys the tools that make those things so much easier and of course prettier at the kitchen. It's the Kalorik Retro Collection, it includes the KALORIK 2-SLICE RETRO TOASTER, the KALORIK 1.7 LITER RETRO ELECTRIC KETTLE and the KALORIK 10 CUP RETRO COFFEE MAKER I absolutely love the look of them, so sophisticated and delicate, I adore the color and they work amazingly well and so fast. The water for my morning tea heats up in 1,2,3 and my toasts as well, the coffee department is definitely for the hubby and he loves the coffee maker,  it is so easy to use. 

This line can be the perfect gift for Mother's Day or simply for someone who would enjoy having these 3 new BFF's helping out in the kitchen.

Have you heard of this brand before? I'm already hooked, we are currently re-decorating and ''renovating'' our spaces, as soon as everything's ready, I'll make sure to post how the kitchen looks with all the appliances, ugh I can't wait!

I highly recommend checking Kalorik's website, they have a lot of different products that I personally can't wait to try. They have Vacuum cleaners, blenders, Deep fryers, they even have a hot stone pizza oven!! Here between us I still want their Airfryer and Waffle maker those two are a MUST, oh the recipes we'd do!

What do you guys think? Which one from their Retro Line is your favorite? I honestly can't decide! 

I've been literally living in these since the day I got them. They are the most comfy and soft robes I've tried, they are from EmbroideredRobes, I love you can personalize them and choose between their different colors and styles. 

Not going to lie, getting changed and coming up with an outfit nowadays is pretty rare, we're all staying home and what better way to do so than being as comfy as we can? I really encourage you to check their store and get yours, I know for sure you'll love them as much as I do! 

(I got a white Plush one and a Satin one for you to have as a reference.) 

What do you guys think?


He estado viviendo literalmente en estas batas desde el día en que las obtuve. Son las túnicas más cómodas y suaves que he tenido, son de EmbroideredRobes, me encanta que puedes personalizarlas y elegir entre sus diferentes colores y estilos.

No les voy a mentir, cambiarse y crear un outfit hoy en día es bastante raro, todos nos estamos quedando en casa y qué mejor manera de hacerlo que estár lo más cómodos posible? Realmente las animo a que visiten su tienda y obtengan la suya, ¡estoy segura de que la amarán tanto como yo!

¿Qué piensan ustedes?

This is day 28 of quarantine for me you guys, this is crazy, to say the least. I really hope you're staying safe, healthy and with a happy state of mind. I've been working a whole lot (from home of course) so it actually has been a very productive time for me. This outfit is from a couple of months ago that I never happen to post in here so TADA! 

You know how much I love animal print so here's a chic option when we get the chance to go out again, you can perfectly wear this with sneakers, booties like I have here or for a more classy vibe some heels. 

What do you guys think?


Este es mi día 28 de la cuarentena,  señores esto es una locura. Espero que estén seguros, saludables y con un buen estado de ánimo. Yo particularmente he estado trabajando mucho (desde casa, por supuesto), así que en realidad ha sido un momento muy productivo para mí. Este outfit es de hace un par de meses que nunca publiqué aquí, así que TADA!

Ya saben cuánto amo el animal print así que aquí hay una opción ''chic'' cuando tengamos la oportunidad de volver a salir, pueden usar esto perfectamente con tenis, botines como los que tengo aquí o para un look más ''classy'' agregarle algunos zapatos altos.

¿Qué piensan ustedes?

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