This is a post I would have loved to find, and I'm happy to be able to share this with you because it's a beauty lifesaver for me so I'm sure it could be to you too.

Esta es una publicación que me hubiera encantado encontrar, y estoy feliz de poder compartirla con ustedes porque es un beauty ''lifesaver'' para mí, así que estoy segura de que también podría serlo para ustedes.

 I absolutely love to have my nails pretty and clean all of the time, but the truth is, it's HARD and VERY high maintenance and... yeah, very expensive too. I'm not that girl that's scheduling nail appointments every 3 weeks, I've always found that to be such a pain in the butt, why? who knows, I just feel like doing something else than paying $90 for my nails you see? So, I've been doing my own nails at home, for ages, and yeah, it's cheap and you can do it whenever you want but girl, I get a mini heart attack each time I see a little chipped nail polish, the-freaking-day-after, it's very frustrating and I honestly was getting pretty tired of the same dynamic when it came to my nails, I also didn't want to spend money on gel nail polishes and the UV lamp and all the tools because, well because I was lazy about it, I'll admit that. 

Me encanta tener mis uñas bonitas y limpias todo el tiempo, pero la verdad es que es DIFICIL y de MUY alto mantenimiento y ... sí, muy caro también. No soy esa mujer que programa citas para las uñas cada 3 semanas, siempre he encontrado que es un pain in the butt, ¿por qué? quién sabe, solo preferiría hacer algo más que pagar $90 dólares por mis uñas cada 3 semanas, ¿me entienden? Entonces, he estado haciendo mis propias uñas en casa, durante años, y sí, es barato y puedes hacerlo cuando quieras, pero señores, me dá un mini ataque al corazón cada vez que veo un poco de esmalte de uñas cuarteándose al día siguiente, es muy frustrante y, sinceramente, me estaba cansando bastante de la misma dinámica cuando se trataba de mis uñas, tampoco quería gastar dinero en esmaltes de gel y la lámpara UV y todas las herramientas porque, bueno porque me daba bastante flojera, lo admito.

 I recently received a message from ManiMe it's like they somehow knew I was struggling with my nails, it was honestly the best timing ever. ManiMe is non-toxic, cruelty-free gel nails (adhesive/stickers), the coolest thing is they are customized to your exact nail shape and size with 3-D technology, allowing you to get salon-quality nails from your home, and they can last from 10-14 days, just by knowing that I was SOLD 

Recientemente recibí un mensaje de ManiMe, como si de alguna manera supieran que estaba luchando con mis uñas, sinceramente, fue el mejor ''timing''. ManiMe son uñas de gel no tóxicas y cruelty-free (adhesivos / stickers), lo mejor es que están personalizadas según la forma y el tamaño exactos de tus uñas con tecnología 3-D, lo que le permite obtener uñas de calidad  de salón desde tu hogar, y pueden durar de 10 a 14 días, solo sabiendo yo ya estaba VENDIDA!

They sent over some nail designs for me to try, their Magic Cuticle Pen, their Max Top-coat, and their Mighty Hand Cream.

Me enviaron algunos diseños de uñas para que yo los probara, su ''Magic Cuticle Pen'' para cutículas, su ''Max top-coat'' y su ''Mighty Hand Cream''

Now, let's begin, shall we?

The first step is to wash your hands well, then make sure the cuticles are nice and ready for your mani.

El primer paso es lavarse bien las manos, luego asegurarse de que las cutículas estén luciendo como se debe  y estén listas para su mani.

 Prep your nails and remove any oil with their prep pad, it will come in your ManiMe kit.

Preparen sus uñas y eliminen el aceite con su ''prep pad'', vendrá en su kit ManiMe.

Now the fun part begins, applying your mani!

¡Ahora comienza la parte divertida, aplicar el mani!

Make sure to leave a tiny little gap between your cuticle and the mani then press and smooth it out, folding the excess over the tip of your nail.

Asegúrense de dejar un pequeño espacio entre la cutícula y el mani, luego presionen y alisen, doblando el exceso sobre la punta de la uña.

File the excess and make sure to file downward only.

Lima el exceso y asegúrate de limar solo hacia abajo.

Repeat and repeat!

I applied their max topcoat for a pretty shine and to make my mani last longer.

Apliqué su  ''Max Top-coat'' para obtener un brillo bonito y hacer que mi mani dure más tiempo

...and VOILA!

Isn't this a bomb mani? I can't get over how fast, easy, and freaking convenient this is, no more waiting for anything to dry to keep living your life. Their designs are so gorgeous and you can also find solid colors as well so don't worry they got you!

¿No es esto una chuleria de mani? No puedo superar lo rápido, fácil y conveniente que es esto, no más esperar a que se seque nada para seguir viviendo la vida. Sus diseños son hermosos y también pueden encontrar colores sólidos, ¡así que no se preocupen ellos tienen todo bajo control!

This is the 2nd time I try them, the 1st one I was just going to see if it was really going to work for me, especially for how long, I'm so happy to say they lasted 12 days, and it was because my nails grew so much and I didn't like the look of the growth gap showing.

Esta es la segunda vez que los pruebo, la primera ocasión quería ver si realmente iba a funcionar para mí, especialmente por cuánto tiempo y estoy  feliz de decir que duraron 12 días, y fue porque mi uñas crecieron mucho y no me gustó la apariencia del crecimiento.

  This is hands-down something I would HIGHLY recommend and encourage you to try. No toxic chemicals, no hard odors, I'm just in love with the concept and how well this product is made. Get $5 OFF your first set of Manis with the code: XOMANDY, you're welcome! 😍

Esto es algo que recomendaría con ojos cerrados,  las animo a que lo prueben. Nada de quimicos toxicos ni olores fuertes, estoy enamorada del concepto y de lo bien que está hecho este producto.

What do you guys think? Have you heard of them before? would you try something like this? I'd love to know!

 ¿Qué piensan ustedes? ¿Han oído hablar de ellos antes? ¿Intentarían algo como esto? Me encantaría saberlo!

One of my favorite things to do, not only on weekends but every single time I can, is having breakfast in bed. It's such a well-deserving ''treat'' of relaxation and there's something about starting the day with a treat that immediately makes your whole day a good one. 

If you're like me, that loves to make everything ''cute''  no matter what it is you'll understand why I love this breakfast tray so much, this Wicker tray is from TheRootsOfTheSoul, it's beautiful, super lightweight and so easy to clean. I feel it's the perfect size for your everyday breakfast o simply whatever you feel like using it.  They have a very wide variety of items that I'm sure you'll fall in love with, you should definitely check them out!

What do you guys think?


Una de mis actividades favoritas, no solo los fines de semana, sino cada vez que puedo, es desayunar en la cama. Es un merecido ''treat'' y un momento de relajación, hay algo acerca de comenzar el día con un treat que inmediatamente hace que todo el día sea bueno.

Si eres como yo, le encanta hacer que todo se vea 'bonito' sin importar lo que sea, entenderás por qué amo tanto esta bandeja de desayuno, esta Wicker tray es de  TheRootsOfTheSoul , es hermosa, súper liviana y tan fácil limpiar. Siento que es el tamaño perfecto para tu desayuno diario o simplemente para lo que quieras usarlo. Tienen una gran variedad de artículos de los que estoy seguro que te enamorarás, ¡definitivamente deberías echarles un vistazo!

¿Qué piensan ustedes?

Another exciting beauty post! I enjoy these so much.

 This time I got the chance to try out a variety of Drunk Elephant's skincare products, if you don't use the brand already, I'm pretty sure you have seen them at Sephora, they are the cutest and most colorful products you'll find in there. They are clean beauty, they are not scented which is something I really like because sometimes the ''perfume'' some skincare products have can irritate your skin without you even knowing, the packaging is beautiful and functional, I really, really love them.

They were kind enough to send me this beautiful package full of their products for me to try and share my experience with you guys. I was actually very surprised by the number of things they sent over and of course the beautiful and very useful travel bag.

I've been using most of the products for several days now, so I think I have a decent knowledge of what these products can do for your skin.

This is the Beste No. 9 Jelly Cleanser it's for all types of skin types (Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive), it's also great removing makeup and oiliness, as I mentioned earlier their products are fragrance-free so it's totally non-irritating, non-sensitizing. I actually have been using the cleanser for a year now and I truly love it.

The C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is a rich and restorative eye cream featuring eight peptides, five forms of vitamin c, and cucumber extract for visibly firmer, brighter-looking skin. It helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, elasticity, and dryness. I really love how my undereye area looks and feels to the touch, the morning after applying a pump of the cream. I highly recommend this one, they also suggest to store it on the fridge for a cooling treatment. How cool is that? 

Let's talk about the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum, it is ''an AHA/BHA night serum that resurfaces congested skin by lifting away dead skin cells to improve skin tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles, and pores.'' It's for normal, dry, combination, and oily skin types. It's great for Dullness and Uneven Texture, Pores, and Uneven Skin Tone.

  You should always read carefully whatever you're applying to your skin for the first time because even though you've never experienced a bad reaction to certain products before, it's something that can totally happen in the future. Your skin can react differently to a product you've been using for years and of course, can react in a bad way in response to new components and ingredients. 

 Why am I telling you all this? well, because Mandy here was a little too confident about her skin behavior throughout the years so I simply applied all the products, step by step, BUT I didn't take that seriously the fact that they suggest starting LITTLE BY LITTLE with this Serum. They clearly say that ''A slight tingling may be experienced—particularly for the first few days of application. This typically dissipates as your skin becomes adjusted. Start slowly by using every other night.''

I did feel the ''tingling'' sensation but honestly, that's something I've felt with different products before so I expected that. They also suggest applying the product any other day if your skin is sensitive, well I clearly thought mine wasn't and I applied the Serum at night four nights in a row, the first couple of days my skin was GLOWING, simply amazing, and pure perfection if I can say so myself BUT the 4th day was a Sunday, I was having breakfast and I suddenly felt my right cheek itching, itching very bad, I honestly thought that something bit me. 

When I saw myself in the mirror Oh lord, my skin was extremely red, irritated, and full of these little bumps, I was freaking out, I thought I had an allergic reaction to something, I read all my skincare products one by one again and I immediately knew that I messed up using the Serum the way I was using it. I cleaned my face, took an antiallergic, and prayed for it to go away. My skin started looking ''normal'' that afternoon but I still felt a little itchy, the bumps were still there so I stopped using the serum for a week and my skin finally went back to normal. I kept using the rest of the products and so far so GOOD. Please just make sure to be cautious and READ EVERYTHING.

The Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer is amazing! It's a protein moisturizer that will help with dryness, dullness, uneven texture, and loss of firmness and elasticity. My skin feels incredible after applying this and the product lasts ages!

One of my favorite products without a doubt is their Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil Oh my God, this thing makes your skin feel like GLORY. ''It's a facial oil rich in critical antioxidants and omega 6 and 9, Virgin Marula Antioxidant Oil Face Oil moisturizes, nurtures, and balances while restoring a youthful glow.'' I simply apply two to three drops evenly to my face, and neck, but they say you can perfectly use it on your chest, hands, cuticles, backs of arms, or any place needing increased moisture without any greasy residue for balanced, glowing, healthy-looking skin. This is a KEEPER and a WINNER to me!

Another one I've been using a lot lately is their Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30 it is ''A sheer physical sunscreen that delivers powerful broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and aids in the prevention of free radical and oxidative damage.'' I apply it every morning before doing my makeup.

This is their A-Passioni Retinol Cream I still haven't used this one, because after my little situation with the Night Serum I'm being more ''mindful'' especially because it has retinol. They say it's ''A clean, cutting edge formula with one-percent vegan retinol and superfood-rich ingredients to diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage.'' You can apply it night or day but as the Night Serum, they suggest limiting initial use to once or twice a week, gradually increasing frequency to every other night and then every night as tolerated. I think I'll be doing that this week, follow me on my Instagram, I'll be updating you on my stories.

 I still have a few more products to try out, I'll be updating you on those as well on my stories. Have you tried the brand before? what's your favorite product? tell me all about your experience in the comments!


Hello everyone!! 

As always, I hope you're all doing great, it's crazy how this year keeps giving us curved balls and things to talk about,  I wish you all are not only healthy physically and mentally but are also getting yourselves slowly but surely back to ''normal''. I'm sure we are all doing what we can at the pace we can, but that alone is already an accomplishment in my opinion.  

Quarantine here is pretty much ''over'' we are all, of course, trying to maintain the social distancing and staying positive. Something that the quarantine brought me back is my love to ride bikes, I'm sure you all know that during these times bikes were pretty much SOLD OUT, they were all out of stock it was insane, everyone was getting one. I was trying to get one for months and months, way before all this COVID madness, I just didn't find ''the one'' for me. A month ago I found sixthreezero and fell in love with all their bikes, simply stunning, I wanted something feminine, something I could use to ride and enjoy sunlight, I was not looking for anything rough to mountain bike or anything of that nature, so when I saw ''Audrey'' it was literally love at first sight. The design is so adorable, it's so comfy and it goes perfectly well with the vibes I was going for and my style in general, I ordered the Wicker Basket to make it even more adorable and I'm just obsessed!  

What do you guys think? Are you feeling like getting one as well? I'd totally understand that!




Como siempre, espero que todos estén bien, es una locura cómo este año sigue dándonos cosas de que hablar, espero que no solo estén saludables física y mentalmente, sino que también estén recuperando lentamente pero con seguridad su ''normalidad''.  Estoy segura de que todos estamos haciendo lo que podemos al ritmo que podemos, pero solo eso, ya es un logro en mi opinión.

La cuarentena aquí está prácticamente "acabó", todos estamos, por supuesto, tratando de mantener el distanciamiento social y permanecer positivos. Algo que la cuarentena me trajo de vuelta es mi amor por andar en bicicleta, estoy segura de que todos saben que durante estos tiempos las bicicletas estaban AGOTADAS, estaban SOLD OUT por completo, fue una locura, todos estaban comprando una. 

Intenté conseguir una durante meses y meses, mucho antes de toda esta locura del COVID, simplemente no encontré "The one" para mí. Hace un mes encontré 

sixthreezero  y me enamoré de todas sus bicicletas, todas son hermosas! Quería algo femenino, algo que pudiera usar para montar y disfrutar de la luz del sol, no estaba buscando nada rudo o tipo ''mountain bike'' así que cuando vi a ''Audrey'' fue literalmente amor a primera vista. El diseño es bello, es muy cómoda y va perfectamente bien con las vibras que buscaba y mi estilo en general, pedí el Wicker Basket para hacerla aún más adorable y estoy obsesionada!

¿Qué piensan ustedes? ¿Tienen ganas de conseguir una también?