There is much you can do to showcase your beauty, especially around your face, but if when you open your mouth, your teeth are less than perfect, then that might undo much of the hard work you have done elsewhere. Of course, you might also feel more self-conscious as a result, so even if your teeth have only a few minor issues, you might decide to smile less if you don't have the confidence to do so. 

Now, there is much your dentist can do to help you. He or she can straighten your teeth if needed, and to further mend misalignments, will fix the gap in your teeth with restorative treatments. Your dentist can also make your teeth shine with bleaching treatments, although you could also buy products from the pharmacy for a similar effect.

Effective options all, although there are natural ways to achieve a beautiful smile, especially before signs of damage begin to show. By following the suggestions below, you will protect your teeth and maintain your smile, giving you the ability to feel more confident when you're posing for pictures and spending time with friends.

1: Improve your diet to whiten your teeth

Certain food and drink items will tarnish your teeth; typical culprits being berries, red wine, tea, and coffee. Falling prey to sugar cravings will also result in damage to your teeth, as your pearly whites will be afflicted with the darkened (and damaging) signs of tooth decay. Of course, it can be difficult to avoid some of these items on a regular basis, but if you do partake, be sure to give your teeth a thorough brushing afterward.

However, some food items will naturally whiten your teeth, and they're good for you in other ways too. Strawberries, apples, celery, carrots, and water all have natural properties to both whiten and maintain your beautiful smile. Check out this list for these and other foods that are worth focussing on when you're snacking or planning your meals.  

2: Brush your teeth with baking soda

Studies have suggested that toothpastes containing baking soda are more effective than those that aren't. Not only are they better at removing plaque from your teeth, but the concentrated properties of baking soda are better at whitening teeth too. You should think about this when you're next buying toothpaste, although you can also make a paste out of baking soda yourself. Simply mix two teaspoons of water with one teaspoon of baking powder to create a concentrated paste. Then brush for two minutes, being sure to coat all of your teeth. Of course, this isn't a substitute for regular toothpaste, and you should still floss regularly. However, as a temporary method to whiten your teeth, it has been proven effective. Check out this article for more information on how to use baking soda within your teeth cleaning routine.

3: Try coconut oil

Coconut oil has many uses, from preserving the health of your skin to protecting your hair from damage. It's good for your teeth too, as some people have attested to whiter teeth after using it as part of their dental hygiene routine. Simply add a few drops of coconut oil to your toothbrush and apply it to your teeth, or swill some around your mouth for a few minutes for a similar effect. We have yet to try it, but it's worth giving it a go, and because coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, it will also protect and clean your gums too.

A whiter smile means a more confident you, so try our suggestions and let us know the results. Let us know too if you have any other tips that will help our readers maintain their pearly white smiles.

Take care, and thanks for reading.

I finally get to share our most recent trip as a couple/family. Last week we had the chance to stay in Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and enjoy all the parks at Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay). This trip was beyond special for us because it was very needed and we were able to take Pugie with us.

Finalmente les puedo compartir nuestro viaje más reciente como pareja/familia. La semana pasada tuvimos la oportunidad de quedarnos en Loews Sapphire Falls Resort y disfrutar de todos los parques en Universal Orlando (Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure y Volcano Bay). Este viaje fue muy especial para nosotros porque era muy necesario y pudimos también llevar a Pugie con nosotros.

The hotel was so welcoming to her I was in awe, they had a bed prepared for her, a set of bowls and even treats for her to enjoy, she felt at home without a doubt. Our room was in the first floor close to their beautiful lagoons where the pet walking area was, SO CONVENIENT. 

El hotel le dio la mejor bienvenida a nuestra gordita, me sorprendí bastante! Tenían una cama preparada para ella, un juego de platitos para comer y hasta treats, sé que ella se sentía como en casa. Nuestra habitación estaba en el primer piso cerca de sus hermosas lagunas donde estaba el área para pasear los perritos, SUMAMENTE CONVENIENTE.

For us finding an option that cares about our pets means the world, specially in places like Universal Orlando Hotels you get the chance to go and enjoy the parks with your family and friends while your furry babies are comfy and secure back in the hotel, just because of this alone our experience in the Hotel was A++.

Para nosotros encontrar una opción que se preocupe por nuestras mascotas significa el mundo, especialmente en lugares como Universal Orlando Hotels, porque tienes la oportunidad de ir y disfrutar de los parques con tu familia y amigos, mientras que tus bebés peludos están cómodos y seguros en el hotel, solo por esto nuestra experiencia en el hotel fue A ++.

The hotel was beautiful to say the least, I was amazed with the tropical vibes, I felt in the Caribbean for a moment.  Their pool has a water slide, interactive kids’ play area, hot tub, fire pit and cabana rentals, isn't that amazing?

El hotel era hermoso, me quedé impresionada con los vibes tropicales que tiene, me sentí en el Caribe por un momento. Su piscina tiene un tobogán de agua, área de juegos interactivos para niños, jacuzzi, fogatas y alquiler de cabañas, ¿no es increíble?

They have 5 different dinning options for you to choose from and a 24hr Room service available. The one we loved the most was ''Amatista Cookhouse'' I personally loved the decor, the vibes and the beautiful view and the food of course was AMAZING.

Tienen  5 opciones totalmente distintas para que elijas comer y room service disponible las 24 horas. El que más nos gustó fue ''Amatista Cookhouse''. Personalmente, me encantó la decoración, el ambiente, la hermosa vista, y la comida, por supuesto, fue INCREÍBLE.

The  Hotel also has a pretty fun game room called ''Calypso'' if you want to chill and kill time before going to the parks this is a very cool option, they have a variety of video games you can play with your partner or just take pictures like me here (haha).

El hotel también tiene una sala de juegos bastante divertida se llama "Calypso". Si quieres relajarte y matar el tiempo antes de ir a los parques, esta es una opción muy chula, tienen una variedad de videojuegos que puedes jugar con quien quieras o o simplemente ir a tomar fotos como yo aquí (jaja).

Some of the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort exclusive Hotel guest benefits are:

  • Early Park Admission to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Universal’s Volcano Bay. 
  • Resort-wide charging privileges with your room key, this is so convenient, we never had our credit cards or cash on us. 
  • Complimentary merchandise delivery to your hotel from Universal shops.
  • Priority seating at select Universal Orlando restaurants.

And one of my favorites was free shuttles it’s always a quick hop between your room and the parks. I loved to take our water taxis everyday, it's fun, beautiful and so quick to get to the parks that way. 

Algunos de los beneficios exclusivos para huéspedes del Loews Sapphire Falls Resort son:

  • Admisión temprana al parque en El mundo mágico de Harry Potter y en Volcano Bay de Universal.
  • Privilegios de carga en todo el resort con la llave de su habitación, esto es muy conveniente, nunca tuvimos nuestras tarjetas de crédito o efectivo con nosotros.
  • Entrega de mercancía de cortesía a su hotel desde las tiendas de Universal.
  • Asientos prioritarios en restaurantes selectos de Universal Orlando.
Y uno de mis favoritos era el transporte gratuito, siempre es un salto rápido entre tu habitación y los parques. Me encantaba tomar nuestros ''water taxis'' todos los días, es divertido, hermoso muy rápido llegar a los parques de esa manera.

We stayed 3 days and 2 nights. The 1st day we went to Universal Studios and had a real blast. One thing I love about Universal in particular is all the amazing scenarios you can find to take beautiful and fun pictures. 

Nos hospedamos 3 días y 2 noches. El primer día fuimos a Universal Studios y lo pasamos de maravilla. Una cosa que me encanta de Universal en particular son todos los escenarios chulísimos que puedes encontrar para tomar fotos súper lindas y divertidas.

(Best way to beat the heat)

Day 2 was all about exploring Islands of Adventure, even though the weather that day was not the best, we had such a great time, there are a lot of rides you can take even if it rains. 

El día 2 fue acerca explorar Islands of Adventure, aunque el clima ese día no fue el mejor, lo pasamos muy bien, hay muchas atracciones que puedes tomar incluso si llueve.

Thankfully we only had a tiny bit of rain so we were able to not only enjoy Islands of Adventure but Universal Studios once again. I HIGHLY recommend getting Express Unlimited Passes, because of this we were able to ride everything we wanted with pretty much a non existent line. We saved SO MUCH TIME, that's why we had the chance to go to both parks at the same day. 

Afortunadamente solo tuvimos un poquito de lluvia, así que pudimos no solo disfrutar de Islands of Adventure sino de Universal Studios una vez más. Recomiendo BASTANTE obtener los Express Unlimited Passes, debido a esto nos pudimos montar  en todo lo que queríamos con una fila prácticamente inexistente. Ahorramos MUCHISIMO TIEMPO, por eso tuvimos la oportunidad de ir a ambos parques el mismo día.

Day 3 was Volcano Bay's turn and honestly guys, I wish I had more content to show you from this one because it was AMAZING, my favorite type of park without a doubt. 

El día 3 fue el turno de Volcano Bay y, sinceramente señores desearía tener más contenido para mostrarles de esto porque fue INCREÍBLE, mi favorito, el tipo parque que me encanta sin lugar a dudas.

It's perfect for the heat because you're walking around in your swimsuit all the time, playing with water all day. We kept our phones in their lockers for our stay in the park, that way we only had HAVING FUN on our minds and only paid attention to which attraction we should take next. 

Es perfecto para el calor porque andas con tu traje de baño todo el tiempo, jugando con agua todo el día. Mantuvimos nuestros teléfonos en sus lockers/casilleros durante nuestra visita en el parque, de esa manera solo teníamos el DIVERTIRNOS en nuestras mentes y solo prestamos atención a cuál atracción debíamos tomar después.

When you get in the park they give you a ''Tapu-Tapu'' which is like a waterproof watch that you use to hold your place in the park's virtual line. You can open your locker with it, activate interactive surprises around the park and make cash-free payments, sooooo bomb!

Cuando entras en el parque, te dan un "Tapu-Tapu" que es como un reloj impermeable que usas para mantener tu lugar en la línea virtual del parque. Puedes abrir tu casillero con él, activar sorpresas interactivas alrededor del parque y hacer pagos sin efectivo, ¡suuuuper útil!

If you're going to Volcano Bay please keep in mind that you won't be needing sneakers, take the most comfy slides or sandals you have, you'll probably keep them in a locker anyway, yes you'll be barefoot the entire time.  Get your sunscreen because believe me you'll get a very toasty tan if you don't, you'll GET WET, this is a waterpark all the rides are with water so make sure you're ready for it, you'll have so much fun!

Si van a ir a Volcano Bay, tengan en cuenta que no necesitarán tenis, tomen tus slides o sandalias más cómodas, probablemente las guardarán en un casillero de todos modos, sí, estarán descalzos todo el tiempo. Consigan protector solar porque, créanme, van a tener un bronceado muy tostado si no lo hacen, SE VAN A MOJAR, este es un parque acuático, todos los juegos son con agua, así que asegúrense de estar listos para eso. Se van a divertir un mundo!

 Make sure to wear very comfortable/fresh clothes, if they are easy to take off the better (they will also be saved in the locker). Try to wear a swimsuit that won't let anything get loose in the water attractions, you don't want to be giving-away anything, trust me I wore a one piece and I almost had an accident, just be safe and wear something nice that would keep everything in it's desired place.

Asegúrense de usar ropa muy cómoda / fresca, si son fáciles de quitar mejor (también se guardarán en el casillero). Traten de usar un traje de baño que no permita que nada se suelte en las atracciones, creánme, yo usé una pieza y casi tuve un accidente, usen algo seguro y bonito que les mantenga todo en su lugar.

Big thanks to Loews Sapphire Falls Resort and Universal Orlando for having us and treating us like family. We had an amazing time and we'll cherish the memories we made. We'll be going back for sure!

Muchas gracias a Loews Sapphire Falls Resort y Universal Orlando por recibirnos y tratarnos como si fuéramos de la familia. Tuvimos un tiempo increíble y valoramos enormemente los recuerdos que hicimos. ¡Volveremos muy pronto!

The bedroom is the one place in the house you can hide away from the world and relax. It's a room that is wholly designed for sleep and rest, and in the same way that birds line their nests with feathers, you need to think of ways that you can make your bedroom softer, cozier and more comfortable than ever.

It doesn't take much to make your bedroom the coziest room in the house; it just takes some time and patience to ensure that your bedroom makes you relax the moment that you walk into the room. It should be the most comforting room in your house, beyond any kind of relaxation you feel in your living room. We spend a third of the day in the bedroom, so with that amount of time you want to make sure that you maximize every minute! Let's take a look at five ways that you can make your bedroom the coziest place in your house!

Use Color

Your bedroom is supposed to reflect and improve how serene you feel, and the best way that you can do this is with color. Warm neutrals are the perfect solution here, with light to medium grays and browns being the ideal colors for a bedroom. Earthy tones are not dull, but peaceful, and you can warm-up and cool down the accessories that you use as the year goes on.

Maximize Warmth

Layering your room with materials and textures is important if you want to make the space warm. Think layering rugs from
Carpet One over carpets already down to create a comforting and cozy texture. You'll also trap the heat in the bedroom, too, because you can ensure that the carpet traps the cold.

Make It Dark

Sleep is the top priority in the bedroom, and you can make it so with blackout curtains. Once you shut those curtains, all the light should be vanquished from the room, making it easier to get a restful night of sleep. Some curtains can even block off your sound, and this makes it a muted environment to relax in.

Power Down

The lighting in the ceiling is handy when you want to find things, but if you want your bedroom to be relaxing, you want to get rid of the overhead light and just station lamps around the room. They're softer and will be an excellent way to dim the lights in the room until you are truly ready to wake up and see everything in the morning!


You do not need the distraction of TV in the bedroom. People like to watch TV in bed, but it's a screen in the room that is keeping you from sleeping, and blue light technology has a lot to answer for when it comes to keeping people awake at night. Leave phones outside the bedroom in the hall and dismantle the television so that you can enjoy a night of proper rest every night.

Hello everyone, today I'll be sharing a treatment I had done a couple of days ago, something I'm totally in LOVE with and I think you SHOULD definitely without a doubt consider. In Spanish it's called ''Regeneración Capilar'' which translated literally to English would be ''Capillary Regeneration''. 

Hola a todos, hoy compartiré un tratamiento que me hice hace un par de días, algo con lo que estoy totalmente enamorada y creo que DEBEN sin duda considerar hacérselo.  Se llama '' Regeneración Capilar ''.

The treatment consists of smoothing and hydration is 100% vegetable based and organic, it doesn't have formaldehyde and is a treatment developed to lower the wave or volume by 80% and remove the unwanted frizz. It nourishes, repairs, restores and regenerates hair with their amazing ingredients such as green apple stem cells. Because they are products of vegetable origin, it is compatible with all types of hair and all kinds of people. The results of the treatment can last between 3 to 4 months which is AWESOME!

El tratamiento consiste en suavizar e hidratar, es 100% vegetal y orgánico, no tiene formol y es un tratamiento desarrollado para reducir onda y el volumen en un 80%  además de eliminar el frizz no deseado. Nutre, repara, restaura y regenera el cabello con sus sorprendentes ingredientes, como las células madre de la manzana verde. Por ser productos de origen vegetal, es compatible con todo tipo de cabello y todo tipo de personas. Los resultados del tratamiento pueden durar entre 3 y 4 meses, lo que es ¡IMPRESIONANTE!

The treatment tends to lighten the hair a little bit so if you are going to do discoloration as highlights they recommend that you get the highlights done first and then the treatment and if you are going to dye the hair then first the treatment and then the dye. I totally feel my hair color looks way better now. Your hair will be smooth, shiny, silky, hydrated and full of life, I'm extremely impressed with the results and how my hair feels afterwards.

El tratamiento tiende aclarar el cabello un poco, así que si se van a hacer una decoloración como unos highlights, ellos recomiendan que primero te hagas los reflejos y luego el tratamiento y si van a teñir el cabello, primero el tratamiento y luego el tinte.  Siento que mi color de cabello se ve mucho mejor ahora! Tu cabello estará suave, brillante, sedoso, hidratado y lleno de vida, estoy extremadamente impresionada con los resultados y cómo se siente mi cabello después del procedimiento.

The treatment is ''thermoactive'' and the formulation of the products used by @capelliepiu are from Ybera Paris. All this consists of a Hydration or Keratin without aggressive products or toxic actives. Once the application and the process is all done they finally pass the famous split Ender, the machine that removes the dried ends.

El tratamiento es "termoactivo" y la formulación de los productos utilizados por @capelliepiu es de Ybera Paris. Todo esto consiste en una hidratación o Keratina sin el uso de ingredientes agresivos o activos tóxicos. Una vez que la aplicación y el proceso están listos, finalmente te pasan la famosa Split-Ender, la máquina que elimina las puntas secas y maltratadas.

When leaving the shower you only would have to dry it with the heat of the Hairdryer and the result is magnificent! It will look amazing! Say goodbye to the flat iron and the beauty salon, one thing I love from @capelliepiu is the fact that they offer the service in your own home, if you can't go to her salon she will absolutely go to your home, so it's a very convenient option.  

¡Al salir de la ducha solo tendrías que secarte el pelo con el calor del Blower y el resultado es increíble! Díganle adiós a la plancha y al salón de belleza, una cosa que me encanta de @capelliepiu es el hecho de que ofrecen el servicio a domicilio, si no pueden ir a su salón, ella iría a sus casas. Una opción muy conveniente.

The aftercare:

1- Moisturize hair with a moisturizing mask on dry and dirty hair from medium to ends, strand by strand, leave in for 20 minutes.

 Hidrataciones para  el cabello con mascarilla hidratante en cabello seco y sucio de medios a puntas mechón por mechón dejarlo por 20 minutos.

2- Last rinse with cold water to seal cuticles

Último enjuague agua del lavado del cabello con agua fría para sellar cutículas. 

3- Wash your hair maximum twice a week for chlorinated water.

 Lavarse el cabello máximo 2 veces por semana por el agua clorada 

4- When going to the beach or pool, remove the salt or chlorinated water with filtered water, do not leave the salt water or chlorinated water all day.

Al ir a la playa o piscina  quitarse el agua salada o clorada con agua filtrada,  no dejarse todo el día el agua salada ni agua clorada en el pelo.

5- Use the heat of the dryer to activate the treatment.

Usar el calor del secador  para activación del tratamiento 

6- Avoid using flat-irons

Evitar el uso de las planchas

7- The Recommended oils are: argan or myrrh not coconut oil.

Usar preferiblemente aceites de argan o mirra en vez de aceite de coco.

8- Recommended use of the home care of Ybera Paris

El uso recomendado de los productos de Ybera Paris 

9- Comb your hair a lot

Peinar mucho el cabello

You can contact them via Instagram: 


In this number:


or email:

Guys, the heat is ON!

 It's been very difficult to wear exactly what you feel like wearing nowadays with this Summer weather, you know how keen I am about boots and how I love to wear my beloved jeans and of course my sweaters, Oh my sweaters, but Gosh it's impossible. In a way to keep myself feeling fresh and proper at the same time I've been gravitating towards dresses a little bit more lately and to be honest I've been loving it, not only I feel weather approved but I also feel girly and the transition from day-to night look is very simple as well so it's a win-win. What are your go-to's  during the Summer?


Señores, este calor está encendido!

  Ha sido muy difícil usar exactamente lo que te apetece llevar hoy en día con este clima de verano, saben como soy con las botas y cómo me encanta usar mis queridos jeans y, por supuesto, mis suéteres, oh mis suéteres, pero Dios mío, es imposible. En una forma de mantenerme fresca y adecuada al mismo tiempo, he estado gravitando hacia los vestidos un poco más últimamente y para ser honesta, me ha encantado, no solo siento que he sido aprobada por el mismo clima sino que también me siento femenina y la la transición del look del día a la noche también es muy simple, por lo que es un ganar-ganar. ¿Cuáles son tus piezas favoritas durante el verano?

I'm Wearing:

Dress   |  SUGARLIPS

Shoes | Frankie4

Sunnies | ZeroUV

If you don’t feel totally at ease in your home anymore, your living room might need an update. We spend so much time in our living rooms that we hardly notice when the décor no longer speaks to us.

But redecorating the biggest room in the house means the most work and the greatest expense, right? Not necessarily. These tips will help you achieve a fresh effect without a complete overhaul.

Take Stock

If you and your décor have grown apart over the years, your living room is a prime candidate for a revamp. Often the biggest room in the house, the living room comprises a large part of your space. But once you’ve decided to go for it, don’t rush into anything. Before you start replacing your old stuff with your recent decor favorites, spend some quiet time in the space on your own, understanding what still works for you and what doesn’t. Consider who you are as a person now and decide how to make your mark on your new space. 

Hire an Interior Designer 

Often it takes a fresh (and trained) pair of eyes to spot a small update that will make a big difference to your space. If you have an interior designer you trust, ask them to take a look and suggest a couple of ways you could refresh the vibe. Of course, you could call in your local removalist and present your interior designer with a blank canvas, but you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch to completely transform your living room. If your living space is in need of a makeover and you aren’t ready, or can’t afford, to go the whole hog, calling in a professional is a great way to zero-in on one or two updates that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Revitalize Your Color Scheme

A fresh coat of paint in a fresh color can do wonders for a room. When you pick a color, use an accent from another feature in the room, like your carpet or curtains, while steering clear of colors that are dominant already. And who says walls are the only part of the room that can benefit from paint? A new coat of paint can transform old furniture, or add interest by painting your skirting boards, doorframes or mantelpiece.

Retire That Old Couch

If you’re still lounging on the couch you picked up from a charity shop as an undergraduate, chances are you’ve outgrown it, even if you feel attached for sentimental and comfort reasons. But imagine walking into a living room: the lounge suite makes a big impression, style-wise. If you’re going for a contemporary vibe but your couch hails from the 1970s, the overall effect is going to suffer. If you’re looking for a living room update, sometimes just switching out, or even reupholstering your couch can bring the look up to date. 

If you’re bored with your living room, don’t put off making yourself feel at home because you aren’t in the mood to do a complete overhaul. Just a few key updates can make a world of difference if you’re smart about additions or replacements. These tips will help you achieve a refreshing new look with minimal work.