August 1, 2019

How to pack with American Tourister

You already know that traveling is a very big part of my life,  so I've had to step up my game when it comes to packing and of course my luggage.  

Ya saben que viajar es una parte muy importante de mi vida, por lo que he tenido que mejorar mi juego cuando se trata de empacar y, por supuesto, mi equipaje.

I recently got this beautiful set from American Tourister I absolutely love the color, so clean and girly, they have a very sleek hardside exterior which I really like as well.  I got the  Stratum XLT 28" Spinner, the Stratum XLT 24" Spinner and the Stratum XLT 20" Spinner all in the ''Petal Pink'' color.

Recientemente obtuve este hermoso set de American Tourister. Me encanta el color, tan limpio y femenino, tienen un exterior rígido muy elegante que también encuentro súper favorable. Obtuve el Stratum XLT 28" Spinner, el Stratum XLT 24" Spinner y el Stratum XLT 20" Spinner, todo en el color '' Petal Pink ''. 

 I like how they move, and how spacious they are, I could store a whole bunch more of stuff thanks to that and of course to a new method of folding and packing my clothes. 

Me gusta cómo se mueven, y cuán espaciosas son, pode almacenar un montón de cosas más gracias a eso y, por supuesto, a un nuevo método de doblar y empacar mi ropa.

I used to pack my clothes in rolls but honestly I find that folding them ''Marie Kondo'' style is waaaaaay more efficient, I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Solía ​​empacar mi ropa en rollos, pero honestamente encuentro que doblarlos al estilo '' Marie Kondo'' es muuuucho más eficiente, definitivamente recomiendo probarlo.

Another very useful tip is to get your hands on this type of bags, best way I've found so far to keep my hair products, perfumes and skincare all in one place, safe and secure, no leaking and no mess.

Otro tip súper útil es tener en sus manos este tipo de bolsos, la mejor manera que he encontrado hasta ahora para mantener mis productos para el cabello, perfumes y cuidado de la piel en un solo lugar, a salvo, sin fugas ni desorden.

If your luggage has this type of compartments give them some use. This one in my suitcase it's perfect to keep small things like chargers, pill cases, brushes and all the little things you don't know where to put and don't want to have all over the place. 

Si tu equipaje tiene este tipo de compartimentos, dales algo de uso. Este en mi maleta es perfecto para guardar cosas pequeñas como cargadores, estuches de pastillas, cepillos y todas esas cositas que no sabes dónde poner y no quieres tenerlos por todos lados.

I've been so happy with these, and I feel they make my traveling experience way easier. What are your packing/travel tips?

He estado muy contenta y conforme tanto con las maletas como aplicando estos tips que les comparto hoy, siento que hacen que mi experiencia de viaje sea mucho más fácil. ¿Cuáles son sus consejos a la hora de empacar / viaje?


  1. I am very happy to visit the post. The post is very interesting and informative for me. Thanks for sharing in the post.

  2. Perfect article, thanks for all the tips that will come in handy once I go on a longer vacation. I usually travel for 3-4 days, just like I was in Prague now. That's why I'm happy to add some tips here.

    When it comes to packing for a 3-day trip to Prague, I have a few tips that have worked for me. Firstly, I make sure to pack versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched to create different outfits. This saves me from overpacking and also gives me the option to dress appropriately for any occasion.

    Secondly, I always bring a small daypack or tote bag to carry my essentials around the city, such as my camera, water bottle, and any other items I might need during the day. This way, I can easily access what I need without having to constantly dig through my larger luggage. Lastly, I always make a packing list beforehand and stick to it. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I don't forget anything important.