Your bedroom is a place for many things.

It's a place for fun and romance with your partner.

It's a place to retreat when you need to find a few moments of solace.

And your bedroom, of course, is also a place to catch up on your beauty sleep, giving you the means to feel refreshed and energized as you start a new day.

With that last point in mind, here are some home decor ideas that will not only transform your bedroom space but which will enable you to get a better night's sleep too.

#1: Focus on your bed

How well do you sleep? If you struggle to doze off  because your bed is uncomfortable in any way, then you might consider changing your mattress or bedding for a better night's sleep. However, you can do more. You can both improve the style of your bedroom and improve your chances of sleep by adding more to your bed. A warm and colorful throw or blanket, or one of these hotel quality bed runners from Richard Haworth, will enliven your room's aesthetics and give you greater comfort when you're settling down for the night. You might consider extra cushions or pillows too, for both style and sleep purposes.

#2: Add more storage

Lying down to sleep, you might struggle to drift off to dreamland should clutter catch your eye. From loose laundry on the floor to books without a home, these distractions might reduce your sense of mental tranquility and give you cause to lie awake longer than you had hoped. For a tidier mind, you need a tidier room, so consider these bedroom storage ideas. With both aesthetic and practical appeal, you need never struggle to sleep again because of the clutter that threatens to pervade your room and headspace.

#3: Refresh your room's colors

As we discussed in our cosy bedroom tips, color can have a great impact on the way you feel in the bedroom. Bright and bold colors are not conducive to a good night's sleep, whereas warm neutral and earthy tones offer more scope for peace and relaxation. Your focus doesn't need to be entirely on your walls either, as you can opt for calmer colors when choosing new bedsheets, or when picking out rugs and carpets for your bedroom floor. Check out the linked article, and then consider our other tips to cosy up your bedroom space.

#4: Bring in some useful additions

There is much you can add to your bedroom for a better night's sleep. So, you might add flowers around your room, not only for the burst of color for visual appeal but for their aromatherapy uses too. On this note, you might want to add some oil diffusers to your bedroom as well. Try to pick something that matches your room's existing decor. 

And what about a book case? Rather than inhibit your sleep with your iPad or television, have a bookcase near your bed stacked with your favorite books and magazines for relaxation purposes before you turn the lights out. And talking about lights, what about this designer bedroom lighting? Choose something according to your room's decor, and choose colored lightbulbs to match to cast a relaxing glow.

Sleep is important - you don't need us to tell you that - so consider our transformative ideas to both make over your bedroom and to  give you a better chance of catching up on your z's. 

Take care, and thanks for reading.