August 12, 2019

Saving The Planet One Small Step At A Time

Saving the planet is a cause and an issue that cannot be ignored. Going plastic-free, packaging-free, banning straws, and recycling are just some of the ways that we can help to save the planet and just some of the things you will hear being talked about. Now, no one's perfect of course traveling has a huge impact on climate change, and no one is saying that you can never go on a plane again or never use a plastic bag again (although the latter does come across as a crime today), but there are little things you can do, and if we all do them one step at a time then we can contribute to helping the environment and trying to reverse some of the damage we have done. 

Go Green 

If you don't know what this means, speak to your energy provider, but essentially, it means switching to green energy where you will still get the same benefits, but you'll be being a lot kinder to the environment. Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, plants, algae, and geothermal heat. These are renewable, which means that they're naturally replenished. Many companies now offer renewable energy tariffs, so it couldn't be simpler to switch to.

Save Water

Saving water supplies is another thing you can do to help with saving the planet, but apart from turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and not using the hose pipe, how else can you do this? Check out Rainwater harvesting from National Poly Industries which allows people to manage and create their own water supplies, which would enable self-reliance and sustainability.

Eat Less Meat

If you can't cut it out entirely then simply try to cut down on your meat consumption as the emissions from intensive dairy and cattle farming are a big part of the problems with climate change and the environment. To provide the supply of meat that we consume means feeding farmed animals with massive amounts of grain and water before sending them off to slaughter, then there is the processing of the meat and the transportation involved in the whole process which is extremely energy-intensive. Also, the animals themselves and all the manure that they produce release even more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. If you switch to vegan, there are other benefits you will enjoy in your own health too, so even if you don't go fully vegan, choosing of the vegan menu every once in a while or enjoy some meat-free days could still be very beneficial. 

Be Conscious Of Other Food

When you are buying food from the supermarket, be conscious of where it is coming from and how far and how it has had to travel. You cannot change the food industry, but a small step you can make into helping out the planet is to keep your food shop and your diet rich in seasonal locally sourced products and ingredients. Check
labels in supermarkets or to be safe, if you go to your local greengrocer you'll be able to know where your food is coming from a lot more easily.

Walk More

Walking will keep you fit and healthy which is always a bonus, but also what helps here is the fact that Petrol and diesel cars are a huge source of emissions which are bad for both air quality and climate change. If it's too far to walk, then jump on your bike.


  1. They're all great suggestions, I'm trying to do all this!!

  2. Very great and smart tips!

  3. Indeed, these are great things that can help mother Earth! And also buying and planting more plants.

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