You guys, I'm so excited! We keep adding unique and full of personality pieces into our space. I'm having so much fun experimenting, with different textures, styles and materials. I can't wait to show you the final look of pretty much everything here. 

Since we already had the main character of our living room (our leather couch), I wanted the auxiliar sitting furniture to be more ''simple'' but to have light of their own, I wanted something that would stand out and be a statement in the living room as well.

 In my research I found a huge Ebay store that sells exactly what their name says: ''Everything Home'', they have a big variety of furniture, I was impressed and honestly, overwhelmed by all the options. 

I was looking for a chair like this one for ages, my Pinterest Home Decor board was pretty crowded of ''Inspo'' pictures of it, so when I saw it in their store, the ''Diamond Bertoia Style Lounge Chair'' , getting it was out of discussion. It's a beautiful wire silver chrome chair, very lightweight and the quality is amazing. I want to thank big time to their customer service, they were VERY attentive and always in contact with me, they helped me with everything and they really made the experience even more joyful. 

I love how simple yet classy the chair looks,  I adore the vibes it adds to the space and how well it blends with the rest of the elements we're adding. It came with a black sitting cushion (it can also be white), and even though I like the way it looks I'm obsessed with the sight of it with our new Sheep-Skin from Super Area Rugs, a store I discovered on Etsy. You can get the most beautiful, soft and fluffy rugs from them, I'm head over heels in love with this rug, it's so versatile, it's crazy. You can use it as a proper rug for a small area, mix and match it with other rugs and textures or use it the way I am right now. It adds more comfort to the chair, it gives more character and provides a very chic-glam look to the living room as well. The size it's perfect, the quality is way better than what I was expecting, it's gorgeous.

 We're getting so many cool things, I can't wait to show you the rest. What do you guys think, are you liking the new Home Decor section? I'm having so much fun!

Diamond Chair | EverythingHome     Sheep Skin | SuperAreaRugs 

Hello everyone!

A couple of days ago, I discovered this product that really caught my attention. In case you didn't know, I'm always trying my best to eat well and healthy but there's something I've always struggled with, which is SWEET CRAVINGS. I know for sure I am not the only one who has the biggest sweet-tooth and that sometimes that's the only thing that really kills the vibe of the healthy diet routine, and it needs a little help. 

Sweet Defeat is a spearmint lozenges that helps stop your sugar cravings. It's a plant-based, made with natural ingredients and it's clinically proven to be effective. I honestly love the concept and I thought it was a pretty clever product. All you have to do is dissolve one lozenge on your tongue immediately after any meal or snack and you can use it 2-3 times daily, or more, as needed.

The science behind it is that as the lozenge dissolves, the ingredients bind to the sweet taste receptors on your taste buds, suppressing the sweet taste, and helps reduce sugar cravings in seconds. I'm really excited about the results I've been having by using Sweet Defeat the last couple of days. What I like the most is how you do feel a change in your ''need'' to consume sugary things and it's a very quick and easy step to add into your healthy habits.  

You can get to know more about the product and brand at and also get a 50% OFF with the code MANDY50, isn't that amazing? Thank me later!!

Do you also have sugar cravings, how do you battle them?


Hola a todos!

Hace unos días descubrí este producto que honestamente llamó bastante mi atención.  Para aquellos que no sabían, intento todo el tiempo de llevar una dieta balanceada y sobre todo saludable pero hay algo con lo que he estado lidiando desde hace mucho tiempo y son los antojos de comer dulce. Me consta que no soy la única que los tiene y que a veces es lo único que mata la rutina de la dieta saludable. 

Sweet Defeat es un suplemento, pastillas de menta que ayudan a detener los antojos de azúcar. Está hecho a base de plantas y con ingredientes naturales.  Para serles honesta me encantó el concepto y pienso que es un producto muy ingenioso. Debes disolver una pastilla en la lengua inmediatamente después de cualquier comida o merienda, puedes usarlas 2-3 veces al día o más, según sea necesario.  

Se supone que unen los receptores del sabor dulce en las papilas gustativas, suprime el sabor dulce y ayudan a reducir los antojos de azúcar en segundos. Estoy realmente emocionada con los resultados que he visto/sentido al usar Sweet Defeat en estos últimos días, los cambios que he tenido en mi ''necesidad'' de consumir azúcar han sido evidentes.

Pueden obtener más información sobre el producto y la marca en  y también obtener un 50% de descuento con el código MANDY50, no es increíble? Agradézcanme después!

  También te dan antojos de azúcar, cómo los combates?