Leather Jackets have always been one of my favorite wardrobe pieces and statement on an outfit, they're bold, stylish and make you look badass, don't they?.

If you only knew how much I love bralettes, there's something so mysterious and attractive about them, I adore them!

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited because today I'll show you different ways to style and incorporate denim on a daily basis, I partnered up with my friends from www.agacistore.com so big thanks to them for letting this video happen, we had so much fun making this, wishing you all like it as much as we do. You'd make our world by subscribing and liking the video.

Hello everyone!
I was missing doing beauty posts to you guys, gotta be honest. Thanks to Peach & Lily I have the opportunity to give you my opinion about these new Korean products, we started right, Korean beauty products, this post is already promising greatness am I wrong?.

Hello everyone!!

it's been A WHILE, a very long while I know, let's say our December and January were pretty intense.