10 Korean Dramas You Need to Watch During Quarantine

You already know my love and affection for everything Korean don't you? Well, you also must know that I've seen more than 100 Korean dramas, I have a bast collection of favorites and I'll share with you some of my faves that you can find on Netflix.

 If you're new to the Korean wave or if you're like me an all converted junkie this is still a good place to start haha. If you've been watching K-dramas for years you must know that there were only a few sites online and apps that you could use to indulge your K-world needs, nowadays Netflix has been taking a whole lot of attention to that audience and is even filming their own K-dramas originals, crazy huh?.  

If you love Romance this list is for you, enjoy!

Crash Landing On You

Starring: Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin

This is hands down one of the best dramas ever made, it deserves all the awards, it was beautifully made. Most of the story is based in North Korea wich already gives it another type of charm. These two actors together are simply amazing. 

Something in The Rain

Starring: Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-In

Here I'm a little bias because I LOVE Jung Hae-In,  his character here is so refreshing and adorable I can't take it. 

Itaewon Class

Starring: Park Seo-jun and Kim Da-Mi

This one is based on a Webtoon which makes it more entertaining, I also loved seeing Park Seo-Jun in such a different role and honestly, Kim Da-Mi's character has one of the best personalities I've ever seen on a K-drama such a badass. It also really makes you want to go to Itaewon tonight! Just saying.

My Holo Love

Starring: Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee

I really, really loved this one, it's a Romantic Sci-Fi with a lot of unexpected twists, this one is very adorable and you'll probably finish it in a day.

Tomorrow With You 

Starring: Shin Mina and Lee Je-Hoon

This is honestly one of the best Korean dramas I've EVER seen, this is honestly a gem. Shin Mina is also one of my favorite actresses, this is a story full of heart and emotions.

Memories of Alhambra

Starring: Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye

This is a very different and fun drama, a whole lot of twists and of course a lot of Hyun Bin because that's never enough.  It's a Sci-Fi story with its fair share of thriller, these are not my go-to genres but honestly, it's so worth it. 


Starring:  Park Bo-Young  and Ahn Hyo-Seop

This is a Fantasy drama and the story is a little bizarre if you ask me but it's so captivating and so good.

One Spring Night

Starring: Han Ji-Min and Jung Hae-In

This drama has a similar vibe to ''Something in the rain'' also starred by Jung Hae-In. This is a very emotional and heartfelt story, Han Ji-Min is my all-time favorite Korean actress so watching them together was a delight.


Starring: Lee Seung-gi and Suzy

One word for this drama, INTENSE also, who doesn't love Seung-gi and Suzy? Love them together! There's a hint of love but this is mostly action, crime, revenge, and looking for justice, still highly recommend to watch it, so well made.

 One More Time

Starring: Kim Myun-soo aka ''L'' and Yoon Su-hui

This is a VERY emotional, heartwrenching, very intriguing and captivating story, I really loved this, definitely a #MustWatch especially if you're a hopeless romantic. 

Here are my 10 Recommendations for you to watch guys, of course, there're a whole lot more but this is a new section on the blog and I need to know if this is something you actually enjoy and would like to see more of. Let me know your favorites below if you have any!

Stay safe and healthy!

Hey everyone, feels good to be ''back on track'' there are a lot of looks I have to show you so here's a very casual and fun one I wore a couple of months ago haha, I know it's been a while, get to know what my life has been in this post.

The look is very simple, something you can wear every day during spring/summer and of course during the weekends. The pop of color was definitely the winner here. 

What do you guys think?


Hola a todos, se siente bien estar ''de vuelta''.  Hay muchos outfits que tengo que mostrarles, así que aquí hay uno muy informal y divertido que usé hace un par de meses jaja, sé que ha pasado un tiempo, si quieren sabercómo ha sido mi vida en los últimos meses ve a este post.

El look es muy simple, algo que puedes usar todos los días durante la primavera / verano y, por supuesto, los fines de semana. El pop de color fue definitivamente el ganador aquí.

¿Qué piensan ustedes?

I'm Wearing:

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This definitely feels a little weird, this is the longest time I've spent without posting on the blog for the last 6-7 years? maybe? and wow, I don't even know how and where to begin...

Esto definitivamente se siente un poco extraño, este es el tiempo más largo que he pasado sin publicar en el blog durante los últimos 6-7 años? ¿tal vez? y wow, ni siquiera sé cómo y por dónde empezar ...

2020 has been quite something for the entire world hasn't it? it's simply crazy the amount of stuff we've all been through in only 3 months. We started the year with rumors of War, the fires in Australia, a volcano eruption, the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, political madness in my country (Dominican Republic), now the Coronavirus and in the personal side of things, last month I lost my grandma, it has been the biggest loss of my life so far, it was such an unexpected situation that I'm still trying to figure out how to feel about it and cope with the pain, her absence and the fact that I will never get to see her again, those are the situations that actually make you realize what life is all about. 

2020 ha sido algo bastante inesperado para todo el mundo, ¿no? es simplemente una locura la cantidad de cosas por las que todos hemos pasado en solo 3 meses. Comenzamos el año con rumores de guerra, los incendios en Australia, la erupción de un volcán, la muerte de la leyenda de la NBA Kobe Bryant, la locura política en mi país (República Dominicana) ahora el Coronavirus y en el lado personal de las cosas, el mes pasado perdí a mi abuela, ha sido la mayor pérdida de mi vida hasta ahora, fue una situación tan inesperada que todavía estoy tratando de descubrir cómo sentirme al respecto y sobrellevar el dolor, su ausencia y el hecho de que no la veré nunca más. Esas son las situaciones que realmente te hacen darte cuenta de lo que se trata la vida.

I know it may sound cruel or insensitive but there's beauty in the middle of loss, there's something magical and inexplicable when you go through such a big loss. You get to know parts of yourself you didn't have the chance to face, you get to develop and grow emotionally, psychologically and come to understand that things and life do have an expiration date, makes you appreciate more who you are, what you have, your past, present, your future, your loved ones, your health, the memories, make you reevaluate what you really want to do with your time on earth, isn't it all beautiful? I personally think it's mesmerizing, finding beauty in the middle of grieve and loss it's a necessary life lesson that I don't wish you would have to live but unfortunately, we would all have to go through that path sooner or later. 

Sé que puede sonar cruel o insensible, pero hay belleza en la perdida, hay algo mágico e inexplicable cuando pasas por una pérdida tan grande. Conoces partes de ti mismo que no tuviste la oportunidad de enfrentar, desarrollas y creces emocionalmente, psicológicamente y entiendes que las cosas y la vida tienen una fecha de vencimiento, te hace apreciar más quién eres, qué tenienes, tu pasado, presente, tu futuro, tus seres queridos, tu salud, los recuerdos, te hacen reevaluar lo que realmente quieres hacer con tu tiempo en la tierra, ¿no es todo eso hermoso? Personalmente, creo que es fascinante, encontrar belleza en medio del dolor y la pérdida es una lección de vida necesaria que no deseo que vivan, pero desafortunadamente, todos tendrémos que pasar por ese camino tarde o temprano.

Even though life has been very hectic these months for all of us I'm honestly very excited for the months to come. 

Aunque la vida ha sido muy agitada en los últimos meses para todos nosotros, sinceramente, estoy muy emocionada por los que vienen.

I see battles, challenges, and adversity as a confirmation of a soon to be received victory and the arrival of answered prayers, blessings, new opportunities, and open doors, that's the way I've lived my life so far. Yes there're a lot of crazy things happening all around the world but everything has a purpose, we may not get it and understand it at the moment but at the end of the day everything falls into place and we'll finally get to see their meaning and the reason why everything had to happen the way they did and when they did, of course, it's scary, painful and overwhelming but it's always darkest before the dawn isn't it?.

Veo las batallas, los desafíos y la adversidad como la confirmación de una victoria que pronto se recibirá y la llegada de oraciones contestadas, bendiciones, nuevas oportunidades y puertas abiertas, así es como he vivido mi vida hasta ahora. Sí, hay muchas cosas locas sucediendo en todo el mundo, pero todo tiene un propósito, es posible que no lo comprendamos y entendamos en este momento, pero al final del día todo encaja y finalmente veremos su significado y la razón por la cual todo tenía que suceder, por supuesto, da miedo, es doloroso y abrumador, pero siempre es más oscuro antes del amanecer, ¿no?

I always rather see the brighter side of every situation, we all have our battles individually but now we all are experiencing probably the same fear and nervousness regarding this Virus that's really getting into every corner of the world and has been taking lives along the way. What I see in the middle of the chaos is an entire world getting together and united as one, fighting over the same situation, don't you think empathy for people all around the world would grow because of this? people would be more understanding? see no boundaries and that we are all as vulnerable? despite of religion, race, age, gender or sexual orientation? people would be getting closer to God?.

Siempre prefiero ver el lado positivo de cada situación, todos tenemos nuestras batallas individualmente, pero ahora todos estamos experimentando probablemente el mismo miedo y nerviosismo con respecto a este virus que realmente está llegando a todos los rincones del mundo y ha estado cobrando vidas en el camino. Lo que veo en medio del caos es un mundo entero que se une luchando por la misma situación, ¿no crees que la empatía por las personas de todo el mundo crecería debido a esto? la gente sería más comprensiva? que no hay límites y que todos somos igual de vulnerables a pesar de la religión, raza, edad, género u orientación sexual? la gente no se acercaría más a Dios?

I only wish you guys can see the good out of everything, that there's no pain or hardship that will last forever, everything is going to be okay,  It doesn't matter what we're going through, we are certainly not alone. 

Solo deseo que ustedes puedan ver lo bueno de todo, que no hay dolor o dificultad que dure para siempre, todo estará bien, no importa lo que estemos pasando, ciertamente no estamos solos.

I wanted to sit and just write to you and this came out, my heart and my mind have been a mess the last couple of months and felt the need to share some love and some reassurement. God is good all the time and all the time God is good, please don't live in fear just stay safe, healthy and cherish and spend time with your loved ones, those are the most valuable little moments in life.  

Quería sentarme y escribirles y esto salió, mi corazón y mi mente han sido un desastre los últimos meses y sentí la necesidad de compartir un poco de amor y tranquilidad. Dios es bueno todo el tiempo, por favor no vivan con miedo, solo manténgase seguros, saludables y valoren y pasen tiempo con sus seres queridos, esos son los pequeños momentos más valiosos de la vida.

Thank you so much for passing by!