April 14, 2012

Neon Lips (Glowing in the Dark)

So, it's no secret that we are all loving the 'Neon' light specially talking about our faces, we've been enjoying those outstanding and striking colors from clothes to eyeshadows, This 'Neon' trend it's a little wide so i'll be posting topic by topic. Today i wanted to show you, just a couple of examples of how can you rock 'Neon Lips'. Don't be afraid to use this screaming and loud color, just try to find the perfect tone and color for your skin. 
It's all about making an impact with your lips. The most popular colors of this trend will definitely
be the amazing 'Hot pink' the mat loud pink and the glossy orange. I'll leave you with some options down 
there. 80's Trends are coming back ladies.


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