April 18, 2012

Neon Glance

So.. keeping up with neon trends, we'll talk about 'Neon Glance' using neon colors as eyeshadows. This is very epic yet fun way to wear makeup (if you are open minded and like to try new things) and it started being a makeup used by models in magazines, now it's something you can see everyday, everywhere. Since 'Neon' is such a screaming color you really should wear a light makeup, consider nude lips and a gentle blush otherwise you'll look like a clown.
i'll give you some steps you can take at the time to apply 'Neon Eyeshadows'.

1. Try to use a very pigmented product so you don't need to be applying a lot of it, and just like any other time, wear your mascara and favorite eyeliner. If it is a pigmented eyeshadow keep in mind that you should be careful and apply it very gently because it can get pretty messy. Use your favorite brush to set it all.

2.Combine you'r eyeshadow with your outfit, try to avoid bright colors, glittery tops or bottoms, the concept of having that loud eyeshadow is to focus the attention in your eyes.

3. As accessories you can definitely use, big bright bangles or any other bracelet you may have, so the color will continue throughout specific areas of your body and not just in your face. Of course earrings try to find a very fun and colorful piece to complement the color. For shoes i'd wear a nude color.

4.Go outside and rock it out <3 



  1. wow amazing!! LOVE them all! Awesome blog! Come by and let's follow each other ;)! Stay in touch xx

    1. Thank you, of course i'm already following you, you have a great blog. <3

  2. these look so pretty and colourful


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