April 27, 2012

Did you say HIPSTER?

So.. The hipster thing it's a lifestyle, it's the 'way' a lot of young people out there prefer to live, they define it as ''freedom'' and ''No rules'' it's like a different atmosphere where they can be ''who they are''. BUT today we're not talking about history, or the story of 'Hipster' today we'll be talking about ''Hipster Glasses'' which is a very classic glasses trend. I've been aware of the huge amount of people wearing this type of glasses lately, and now it's just IN, back then it was just something related to hipster people, now everyone can use this feeling trendy. Since i was told few weeks ago that i had to wear glasses, i had to make sure to pick one that i would feel good in it and feeling the way i was looking so i'll be showing you the glasses i picked hope you guys like it and consider wearing one of these, they look awesome. 



  1. You don't have followers on google reader Mandy? I don't have twitter and instagram :S

    1. Hey Ana, actually i do have google reader now, feel free to follow <3