So i've been having dark hair for a while now after 2 years of  a very light brown, and i was noticing that half of my hair was loosing the color so i bought 'L'OREAL PARIS' (Dark blonde chocolate) which is the brand i've been using for years now and i really really love. I thought the color would look way lighter than my dark color but actually it turned out to be just as may hair. I didn't retouch my roots at all, i only applied the product in the longs and ends of my hair, i'll be showing you my process step by step. Actually it's very easy thing to do by yourself at home, the steps are very clear and specific so don't be afraid and embrace the DIY.

PS: You will need an old t-shirt (things will get messy and dirty)
and depending of how much hair you want to dye, you will need to buy 1 or 2 boxes of the product.


1. Find the right color for you. 

2. Once you have your product, put out all the things the box has, so you can familiarize with the things you will work with.

3. Read all the products inside the box. (A) Protective Serum

4. (B) Revealing Hair Cream

5. (C) Protective Coloring Capilar Cream 

6. Hair Treatment.

7. Read the instructions.

8. Open your Protective Serum

9. Put it in a little container

10. Apply it in the areas you will dye your hair.

11. Put on the protective globes.

12. Take your revealing hair cream and your protective coloring capilar cream.

13. Pour all the Protective Coloring Capilar cream (C) into the (B) container, and mix it very well.

14. Once you mix it, take the additional cap in the (B) container. (Recommended)

15. Start gently applying to your hair.

16. You are suppose to last 45mins max with the product on then take it off with warm water.
and after the water comes clean put on the hair treatment (D) let it act for two minutes then wash it out.

Incredible how things are coming back and getting so popular so fast, i can't stop watching girls in the streets wearing this awesome yet weird braids. The crazy thing about it, is that it looks terribly difficult to do and there're so many different styles and ways to do it. Here i'll show you a couple of pictures i got as examples. Can't wait to have the chance to learn how to do this master pieces. Would you rock them out? 


Retro is still alive in so many aspects nowadays, since clothes, accessories, shoes, sunglasses and of course 'Hairstyles' this way of having fun with your hair it's so classy and chic and definitely reflects the glamour inside of you. There's so many ways of putting your hair in the retro ''trend'' but today i'll show a couple of examples that you can follow at the time to feel like wearing this awesome and girly look.  Would you try this out?. Enjoy.