November 13, 2014

Let's Talk About (Affordable) Fashion | Topic Of The Day

Hello Everyone!

Today we have a fun post, I have the chance to introduce to you guys to an amazing online clothing store,  In you'll be able to find lots of authentic brand name items and vintage pieces as well for only $15,  yes, everything's only $15, isn't that amazing?  This site it's the best of the deals. 

If you're already freaking out about the prices, take a sit and let me explain why they are so low.  The store buys new items in bulk directly from the retailers at the end of season and that's why you'll mostly find unique pieces which means if you're loving an item, do not hesitate and get it!!

For those who are not into vintage pieces (used clothing) in they are ''gently used'' and those items are already selected by skilled shoppers that search the best vintage stores around the country, so don't worry, you won't even notice they were used. 

I'm already loving and adoring some sweaters I saw (You must know my extreme obsession about sweaters) I really do encourage you guys to take a look at this great concept of shopping and the great opportunity of getting  quality clothes for such an affordable price.  I want to thank for reaching out to me and for giving me the chance to know them, I love them.

What do you guys think?