January 3, 2014

Hair Extensions | TOTD

Hello Everyone Happy New Year!! Today we'll have a different kind of post, when it comes to fashion i consider i have my own style, but when it comes to hair/hairstyles, i'm actually very open-minded. I don't know if i'm the only one having a bad time when trying to figure out how should i wear my hair or how to style it, for some reason i'm terrible at doing those stuff. My girly skills of making hairstyles definitely are the worst, i usually go for the simple straight hair where you literally don't do much, i sometimes curl my hair and i can make a braid any other day but it's very rare. 

I've been dying my hair for a couple of years now and if you're used to dye your hair like me you must know the responsibility you get as soon as you change the color of your hair, you need to be taking care of it  in a very special way and buying products to maintain the color and all that jazz. I used to have a lot of hair and very healthy, i always knew one of the risks of dying your hair, specially if you don't take the right care for it was hair loss. It's almost unavoidable to lose some hair during your dying journey it always depends of you. Some people have a really hard time after all the damage of the hair and have to cut a generous amount of it to make it healthy. The sad part of it is that it's really hard to get your long hair back, even though i've never been a big fan of hair extensions this is one of the cases i really recommend them. Hair extensions can be really helpful, it can help you out on a special event and make you have all of a sudden a great and unique hairstyle, if you have some kind of hair damage it will hide and dissimulate it allowing you to keep a natural look. 

As everything, there are a lot of hair extensions out there, the thing is if you're planning on using them don't go for the cheap ones, remember this is something you'll use on your head and the hair is the frame of your face you don't want to look like you took the hair of your little sister's barbie and put them on, get something with quality and please make sure you put them on correctly, let's keep a classy natural look. When putting them on make sure the clips of the product don't show cover them up with your natural hair and brush it very well to blend it in.  If you want to try out hair extensions or if you are regular on using them go and visit www.tedhair.com they have a huge variety of products and the quality is great for Hair Extension Wholesale go visit them.

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  1. Beautiful and helpful post :) <3


  2. I have always wanted to wear them but never have.
    Maybe I should get them.


  3. I'm a big fan of hair extensions! But I never owned one. Great post!


  4. Thanks for the information!
    I'm not a big fan of them, but i think i´m going to wear them, my hair is not healthy.

  5. I've never heard of Tedhair but I have heard of Bellami and Luxy! How does Tedhair differ from the other two? I'm interested in getting bangs because I can't commit to actually cutting my hair. Any advice?


  6. Only one thing to say, straight hairs are boring. Best to try different hairstyles. Will certainly look good on you. It can even transform you. :)
    - AmazingHairByFelicia.com

  7. Happy new year !
    I follow you on the twitter and instagram :)

  8. i like your blog: design, photos, outfits! everything is amazing!
    moreover, you write so interesting posts! don’t give it up!) and wish you Happy New Year! let all your dreams come true!

    will be happy to see you in my blog!


  9. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking to find hair extensions for a while now!

  10. Happy 2014! I hope your new year is filled with love, health and happiness! love your blog! followed, xxx


  11. I've been using extensions for ages and I think I've tried most styles.. As my natural hair is thin/fine/short I consider myself addicted ;) At least I have the experience and I'm able to fix them myself:)
    Happy 2014! x

  12. nice blog <3 :)
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  14. Thanks for sharing and for the information!. Let all your dreams come true! Only one thing to say, straight hairs are boring. Best to try different hairstyles. Hair extensions can be really helpful, it can help you out on a special event and make you have all of a sudden a great and unique hairstyle.

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  15. Hi Mandy thank you for your comment, I'm very happy for the discovery of you blog :D

  16. Hola Mandy, soy nueva en tu blog y realmente me ha gustado mucho tu atuendo, me encanto el look completo...linda combinación de colores y texturas...me encantaron los zapatos ¡Hermosos!...y los complementos como los lentes, espectaculares Without words! :)

    Saludos desde Panamá, te sigo desde ya ..Ojalá puedas darte una vuelta por mi blog ...me encantaría...triunfos siempre.

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