August 25, 2013

Wish-List ''Romwe''

I just got to share this with you guys, i've been completely and deeply in love with this web-site for a while now, it's called ''Romwe'' i don't know if you've heard about it before, you surely have because i know a whole lot of bloggers that are in love with it probably as much as i am today. I'm obsessed with the clothing and i think you must go and visit if you haven't already. I loved so many of their stuff, but it would have been impossible to post all the pieces i liked only in one post, so i made a little ''wish list'' for you all to see  how gorgeous are their clothes and accessories in this case. It was then, when i realized that they are having amazing deals, seriously AMAZING prices and discounts go visit Romwe and fall in love just as i did <3. 

Mandy P.


  1. the sparkly pants? OH MY, SO CUTE!! i'm a new follower (and fan) of your blog, and you can check out and follow mine if you wish at

    xoxo Leah

    1. Aww thank you Leah, i'm definitely going to check yours out and follow you as well, thanks for passing by <3

  2. Such amazing items! The leggings and the sunglasses are my favourites (What can I say? I'm kinda into black and white!).
    You have the most lovely blog, you earned yourself a new follower <3

    Joana from Who the Fuck is Chanel

    1. Thank you Joana!!
      thanks for showing some love <3

  3. love the golden leggings and the sunglasses, favorite pieces! :D

  4. Love love love this blog (and those shorts haha)! Definitely Followed you! Would you mind checking out our blog? (we're still beginners at this) Thanks Mandy!

  5. Those shorts are really very cool!
    Come along, see our September inspiration and let us know what inspires you for the new month.
    All the best from lovely Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa