July 18, 2012

Q-A - Vol. 1

Hello guys, i've been receiving a lot of beauty and fashion questions lately, i've been reading your mails and suggestions via twitter and instagram so i decided to make this section call Q-A  i'll be posting your questions here so stay tuned. 


-What's always in your bag?
Actually that's an amazing post topic right there. My bag it's quite a thing i have tons of things in there, you'll find my makeup bag, my glasses, keys, my wallet and even vitamins.

-Will you do videos in youtube?
Well, that's a very interesting question 'cause i've been considering that for a very long time, i find the youtube idea very fun i can say, i made a couple of videos a while ago, maybe i'll come up with some news about that soon.

-If you could only wear 3 products, what would them be?
i'd say.. foundation, eyeliner and a very good lipstick.

-Which celebrities styles do you follow? 
I definitely LOVE Kim Kardashian style it's no secret this woman has glamour in her veins.

-What is the best Skin-Care advice you could give?
Skin-care it's all about paying attention to your skin. We all should know what type of skin we have and treat it with the right products, always clean your face before going to bed, never leave your makeup on over night and respect the sun.

-One thing in your closet you can't live without?
Shorts, definitely.

-Why aren't you posting like you used to?
i know i haven't been posting everyday like i said i would, i've been super busy lately and had no time at the end of the day to sit and create something new for you guys, but things (time) it's getting better now and i have fun things coming out.

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