May 2, 2012

Rainy Sweet Wednesday

After all the things in 'Agenda' for today, all the 'Bohemian Closet' stuff the new arrivals, getting things done and making sure everything was going right, i had my moment of peace. That amazing moment when your boyfriend picks you up and doesn't tell you where is he taking you. I would normally ask till' he gets tired of keeping it but today i just wanted to be relax for a moment after all the stress. So it basically  ended like this..

Hope you guys have an amazing night, I know i didn't post anything related to fashion or beauty today like i've been lately, i'm just working hard on the Clothing Project. Thank you SO MUCH again to all of you supporting since day ONE. and for those who don't know what i'm talking about, just go to the ''Bohemian Closet''  tab in the ''HOME'' bar.  And of course REMEMBER to like ''Bohemian Closet'' on Facebook ->
Thank you, Thank you.

Mandy P.