March 7, 2017

L.A. girl cosmetics HAUL

Hello everyone!

Today we'll have a makeup haul, I'll be showing you some products I got from L.A Girl Cosmetics. I've been using this brand for a while now so I'm very familiar with the quality of their products. This time I'm trying out some of their new stuff  giving you guys my honest opinion about them, so I hope you find this post helpful.

1.L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Foundation I got 2 different shades: ''GLM641- White'' which is a foundation lightener and ''GLM647 - Warm Beige''. I really like the consistency of these, they do have a very good coverage, the only thing I didn't love so much is they could make your face look a little oily and shiny if you don't apply the proper amount of powder.

2.L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Lip Gloss I really love the formula of these, I've been using them for such a long time, they give you the perfect matte finish. I got 2 shades:  ''Fleur'' which is one of my favorite colors ever and ''Dreamy' the perfect nude for my skin-tone.

3. Strobe Lite Strobing Powder I got ''GSP625'' which is the one I loved the most and ''GSP628''. They are very pigmented love how rich the shades are and how smoothly they blend on the skin, great highlighter.

4. Wispy Lash Mascara I love mascaras, they are one of my main steps in my daily makeup. I really liked te applicator of this one ''GMS 646''  it gives great volume to the lashes. It's a very intense black so it will make the look a little more dramatic as well, loved it.

5. Metal Liquid Lipstick I'm not a fan of the metallic finish on the lips but must admit these are pretty fun. The consistency is very smooth and creamy, not matte so they are not drying at all. I got the shades: ''GML862 Molten'' and ''GML859 Illuminate''.

6. HD Pro Conceal I've been using L.A. Girl cosmetics concealers for a long time so I already know the quality and coverage of these little guys (which is GREAT), however some of the shades they sent me are new to my makeup family: ''GC992 Green corrector'', ''GC996 Highlighter'', ''GC995 Light yellow corrector'' and ''GC974 Nude'.  The Green Corrector neutralizes redness, the highlighter: A delicate, pearlescent finish that illuminates your face with a beautiful glow, the Light Yellow Corrector corrects dullness caused by blue undertones and brightens under eye circles and the nude is a regular concealer that covers any blemishes and dark spots.  LOVE THEM.

7. Inspiring Brow Kit I got mine in ''Medium and marvelous''. It's a very complete brow kit that's for sure. Comes with a wax, a highlight, a tweezer, two different brow powders and a mini spoolie and brush.

8. Inspiring Eyeshadow Palette I got the ''Naturally Beautiful'' palette it has the same packaging as the brow kit, very small and compact. Come with 4 different options of eyeshadow powder, a highlight, a shadow liner and of course the applicator.


  1. Gotta check out this brand! Look awesome!!

  2. The strobing powder looks AMAZING

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. I really wanna try the lip products! The metallic one sounds really interesting.

    Belle in Black and White

  4. That's for sure!!

  5. The shades are gorgeous!!

  6. You'll love them!!

  7. I love this brand, those concealers look like magic workers!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  8. Thanks for sharing your haul!

  9. I really like L.A Girl! Their concealers are awesome, can't wait to try out their foundations :)

  10. These products look amazing! <3 Lovely pictures too..

    X Merel

  11. Great products!!!

  12. I love the LA Girl concealer its amazing and cheap!

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