February 9, 2017

Saturday Skin Review | Korean Beauty

Hello everyone!
I was missing doing beauty posts to you guys, gotta be honest. Thanks to Peach & Lily I have the opportunity to give you my opinion about these new Korean products, we started right, Korean beauty products, this post is already promising greatness am I wrong?.

You all know how much of a freak I am about Korean stuff so each time Peach & Lily sends me something to try out, it literally feels like Christmas to me, so big massive thanks to you.
Today I'm reviewing ''Saturday Skin'' which suddenly became a big deal in Korea. These products are made with high-performing natural ingredients which is always something I pay attention to in all my beauty products and they effectively combat and prevent anti-aging in each step of their skincare line.
I'll be talking about all of them in detail below including my recent experience using the products for the last couple of days.

This would always be the first step which is cleaning our faces, by using Rise + Shine Purifying Cleanser you will rinse away impurities, it is a creamy foam cleanser and I can say it effectively removes my makeup, oil or any other dirt.

Next step would be Freeze Frame Beauty Essence to firm and hydrate the skin, maintaining youthful appearance. The consistency is just ideal and it does leave the skin feeling silky smooth. Don't forget to apply it on your neck as well.

Balancing Act Skin-Smoothing Lotion would be the perfect daily moisturizer to balance oil and moisture. Magnolia vine extracts replenish your skin's optimal levels of oil and water so that you feel not too dry nor too oily. Brightening citrus extracts minimize pores and nourishing shea butter gives the skin a soft supple finish.

Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream is something I personally need on my daily skincare routine, it keeps that delicate area refreshed , puffiness is reduced, dark circles brightened which is a MUST in my case and fine lines smoothed out thanks to date seed extract, isn't that amazing?. I'd recommend to use your finger to apply the product underneath the eye and gently tap for absorption.

To finish off the routine use Featherweight Daily Moisturizing Cream to seal in hydration. Avocado proteins strengthen skin's natural moisture barrier to boost hydration retention.  I completely love and adore all the packaging, I think it's so pretty, girly and different but this little guy right here is definitely my favorite, you just have to press down and the perfect amount of product will come out, this way the product lasts longer and it's more hygienic. It's very very lightweight and it's for all skin types.

They also have 2 different sheet masks one for hydration and another brightening mask stay tuned for the review of those!


  1. Precioso post.

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  3. Those products sounds wonderful, and such lovely packaging!
    Great photos, dear!

  4. amazing pakelling!! I want to try them. and this cream...I need it ♥

    kisses dear

  5. Yes they are amazing, loving them so much so far.

  6. You should!!! ♥

  7. These products look promising and I especially love the packaging! Makes me want to get my hands on one of these babies haha :) Thanks for sharing!


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  9. Yess! I feel you, I fell in love with the packaging as well!

  10. Thank you Carissa!!

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