July 4, 2016

SkinInc My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum

This is such a fun and interesting post. You all know how seriously I take the care of my skin and how much I love to share with you guys great products. 

Thanks to www.peachandlilly.com I was able to get to know SkinInc which is brand that customized beauty solutions to help you create an effective skincare regime, designed for your skin.

The products are highly concentrated, pure and active serums and innovative skincare from Japan, contain 0% scents and parabens which is very good.

I received three serums which I got to blend myself into a larger serum bottle. Each serum is formulated with encapsulated ingredients which keeps them fresh, allowing them to powerfully, but gently address issues from pore to hyperpigmentation and dehydration.

1. Chlorella which revitalize the skin and is a nutrient-rich extract of the algae Chlorella, tackles skin dullness and reduces the appearance of pigmentation for clearer brighter skin. 
2. Vitamin C which rebalance the skin and combines vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E to help reduce the appearance of pores and better balance the oiliness of the skin.
3. French Pine Bark which repair the skin and contains powerful hydrating anti-oxidant extracted from the bark of French Coastal Pine trees, to help protect the skin from environmental stress and reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles.