December 10, 2015

Recent Favorites

I've become a beauty product junkie without a doubt, I've been trying out so many different products lately and I'm loving it. Today I'll show you my Recent Favorites.


1. Egg White Bubble Cleanser: This thing is amazing, it leaves my face feeling soft and fresh, I love the scent it has and I find so much fun the foam texture. It is ideal for all skin types.
2. Cremorlab Mineral Water Mist: It is formulated with thermal water and it's great to spray it on your face when you feel like providing an express hydration to your skin, I even use it with my makeup on and have it on my bag everyday, this one is for sure a must have.
Both of these products are from the korean online store I talked to you about on a recent post (See, you should definitely check them out, I'm loving everything from them so far.


3.  Eva's Garden Exfoliating Body Scrub: I LOVEEE this so much, it's a sugar and salt body scrub, infused with lavender and vanilla, the scent is everything, seriously this is good. This is their Travel Size which is very convenient if you're on the go, it leaves your skin silky smooth and with a marvelous aroma. 

Eva's Garden Moisturizing Lotion: It is a very lightweight consistency which I really like because I'm not a fan of the heavy skin feeling certain lotions tend to leave behind. This one is jasmine infused a total delight, I also notice It left a very natural glow on my skin, I loved it.
These products are natural and organic so if you are really into those types of beauty products I completely recommend trying them out.  Visit them at: or EvasGardenRD


4. L.A. Girl HD Pro Setting Powder: It's a finishing powder that sets foundation and what I really love is how it mattifies the skin, it's not heavy at all you can't even notice it's there. It's very affordable and since it's a translucent powder every skin tone could use it without any problem. 
5. L.A. Girl Pro Smoothing Face Primer: It really made my makeup last longer, it's insanely soft practically invisible, not heavy on the face at all, it literally disappears. Very affordable as well I only wish it was on a bigger presentation.
3. L.A. Girl Pro Setting Spray: This is awesome, the fact that it's not sticky at all it's suck a big plus, it dries quickly, it's very lightweight as well, mattifies the skin as the setting powder and the primer. 



  1. Oh you have no idea, I'm seriously obsessed with the scent, it's amazing!!

  2. I've never heard of these products! thank for sharing them :)

  3. me ha gustado el diseño, aqui creo que no los venden aun

  4. You should definitely try them out!!

  5. Puedes conseguirlos online, son lo máximo!!

  6. I often use these means for the face! It seems to me that this is the best powder and cream for my skin type