August 18, 2015

L.A. GIRL Makeup review

Hello Everyone!

I love reviews in general but specially hair products and makeup reviews so I'm really excited about this post already, must warn you this will be loaded with pictures, I want to show you in detail every little thing L.A. Girl Cosmetics sent me.

If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@mandypaulino) you should already know my beloved makeup artist Vanessa Rosario (@vasorimakeup) she's the responsible of my hair and makeup on special events and thanks to her I knew this brand a while back. She used to use their concealer on me very often and I always ended up being amazed by how flawless it looked. 

Soo with that being said you could imagine how excited I was when L.A. Girl Cosmetics sent me these goodies.

1- HD Pro BB Cream my shade's medium (GBB945) I really liked the consistency, it's not too thick, not to watery I consider it's perfect for the summer days. 

2. Mark My Eyes & FineLine at first I thought it was a mascara but what a surprise, it's actually a liquid eyeliner, perfect for those wings and bold looks, this one is in shade (LE711 BLACK), it's actually very resistant to water.

3. HD Pro Primer Eyeshadow Stick the consistency of this one was also really good, it doesn't leave any lines on your eyelids and it's very lightweight you won't feel an overloaded eye-makeup. The shade I got is (GEB196 NUDE).

4. HD Pro Concealer this is the big guy, I was a fan already but having two different shades it's so exciting, I'm definitely trying a contour face made with concealer now. As I mentioned before, the finished look of this product it's flawless and it's incredible because it's so affordable, the shades I got are (GC978 MEDIUM BEIGE) and (GC981 TOAST).

5. Gel Glide Eyeliner it's a basic. What I love about it is how smooth it runs on the skin, This shade is (GP351 VERY BLACK).

6.  Matte Pigment Gloss this was such a surprise because honestly I wasn't expecting must of the products they sent me. I am a sucker for lipsticks not a lipgloss fan that's for sure BUT the coolest thing about these is the fact they're matte, they are not glossy at all, not creamy, they are truly matte, and they last FOREVER, I've spent several hours with one of them on, I've ate and drank water a couple of times and the thing is intact, I personally think they sent me the best shades, now I want the whole collection. Shades I got: (GLG839 OBSESS), (GLG838 TULLE), and (GLG833 FLEUR).

7. Beauty Brick Blush Collection and Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection These were such a great BONUS, just when I thought I saw it all from the box, these showed up, can't tell you enough how much I love them, the colors of both pallets are gorgeous and very rich, they're pretty pigmented as well, recommend them big time. They're both must have products in your makeup collection, specially because the Eyeshadow pallet it's nude and the blush one has two options of blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. 

You can get L.A. Girl Cosmetics on and of course their main website


  1. Such pretty shades and packaging...I need to try this line!


    1. You should definitely try out the matte lip-glosses they are the bomb!!

  2. These products look absolutely amazing! Especially the eyeshadow palettes. Super pretty.

  3. love the lip glosses, they look perfect :)


  4. Such an amazing collection. I am placing an order right now :D :)
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