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Velvet Top

Velvet has been one of my favorite trends lately and even though I don’t wear it as much as I’d like to, I adore it!  Love the texture and character it gives to the look and how fun it is…

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Winter Wonderland

Hello everyone!! This time I got the chance to layer up things a little bit. Thanks to New York’s weather and the huge amount of snow we experienced a very late winter and of course some pretty cool pictures came along….

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The Bralette

If you only knew how much I love bralettes, there’s something so mysterious and attractive about them, I adore them! I wanted to keep a very minimal/monochrome look today and this was the result. I can’t get enough of black…

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Plaid Vibes

This is  probably the first time that we take pictures so casually and randomly.  Going out and taking pictures was not planned at all and the outfit was not scheduled either. We just happened to find a good place, the…

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