June 29, 2015

Fashion Review

Happy Monday Everyone!

Incredible how fast the year is going, we're already in July! Hope you're enjoying your summer <3. 

Today we have a fun, different post. I'm always creating new looks and posting OOTD but I've never made a review on particular pieces. This time I'm reviewing two beautiful things, a lace dress and a sequin playsuit. Before we get into details, I want to thank my little sis Paula which was the main model of the post of today so hugs and kisses for her (xoxoxo).

Alright so let's get into business, shall we?

The first piece I'll be showing you guys will be this dress which it's called: ''Frencesca Black Lace Dress'' it is from: www.herjunction.com 

  -This is what you see online-

-This is what you get-

I was pretty surprised of how well made the upper part of the dress looked and how great the details blends with the skin. I wasn't a fan of the lower part of it, it doesn't look as great quality as the upper part but if you iron it carefully it will turn out to be really pretty. 

You must keep in mind that they run VERY small.  So if you're a size S-M get a L. 

Overall I was very pleased with the product and the service of  www.herjunction.com, they were very attentive all the time, I totally recommend them, they have a whole lot of beautifulness. 

Moving on, we have this awesome dark blue sequined playsuit from: www.nextshe.com 

-This is what you see online-

 -This is what you get-

I can't even explain how much I love this piece, not only because I'm a sequin junkie, but basically because  it is gorgeous, the cut it's flawless, the color is beautiful and even thought it has a very pronounce cleavage you can manage to cover it up a little bit if you want to, like we did in the pictures. It also runs small so I would suggest to get higher sizes.  My pals from www.nextshe.com don't stop to amazed me with all the things they have online, you must visit. 

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite?




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